I’ve had one hell of a time since my prior post this past Friday. Later in the day I received a phone call from the REHAB facility my OH is going to be discharged today. But how can they, as my dear still can’t really walk, go to the bathroom, etc.

I spent yesterday making countless phone calls to the individual monitoring/approving the continued care, and several individuals at the facility who’ve been hard to reach.  It turns out the individual there who handles communication with the monitor wanted to get a jump on what he has to do. The facility needs to send out a status report each week for approval for an extended stay, which they didn’t do at that time, but doing it today. So without having sent out a new report, this cad at the facility caused me to basically shout down doing really anything on the internet.

I’m now waiting anxiously to hear word of what’s happening as I need to have 24 hours to arrange for things, and to clear out the spare bedroom we have in our apartment for a home attendant to stay in. On a bright side, the person responsible for my time in hell, said he’d been advised me that the therapists told him my OH isn’t ready to go home.

As I wrote this I received a home call from the Director of Social Work for the facility stating she’s been advised of the situation and apologize profusely for what I’ve been put through.

Hopefully I’ll be able to review a book or two by Sunday. Perhaps, I really must strive to return to the posting of what I’ve done in the past; such as writing Five Sentence Fictions, posting author spotlights, and interviewing authors of my choosing. I might even consider return to slowly writing my currently writing endeavors [like two or three pages a week] as the sales of my books have unfortunately been slow.

Please read my last post regarding my giveaway and KINDLE Countdown.

THANKS for following my blog and your very kind support.


Robin Leigh