As you can I haven’t really done anything since my last post, but the GOOD NEWS is:

My OH has FINALLY come home from the REHAB facility with the aid of a newly hired home attendant who rode in the ambulette back home Tuesday afternoon [6/2]. I had to stay home to await the delivery of a commode, walker, wheelchair, shower transfer bench. My dear had just retired in December and now needs help in doing the daily things we all take for granted: eating, walking, washing, and now needs to wear adult diapers. I’m still

i’ve just enrolled in Amazon Prime for the free shipping on many the items I’m going to need to buy now: bed pads, adult diapers, cream [baby diaper rash], etc.

Hopefully I’ll be able to return shortly to my 2nd second career as a Book Reviewer; my current Amazon Review Ranking is still below 8,400 which I’d love to improve.

I’m still waiting to hear word on my entry for the RWA’s Second Anthology. If I should win, it will definitely help solidify my status as a Romance author.

My two main writing endeavors are still on hold still until I can raise the funds needed to self-publish them.

THANKS for all of your kind support as I truly need and appreciate it.