This is the second of the two signed books I’ve won from this author through an internet giveaway and the following is my honest opinion for the book.

As a Book Reviewer I have a policy of not accepting requests to do a review; all the books I’ve reviewed I’ve either won through one of the many internet giveaways I enter each week, or have been written by an author who belongs to the internet support group I belong to. The sad thing about this is I’ve been able to return to the next book in the series as has been the case with this series by Ms. Quinn Loftis; this is especially the case since this book is a spinoff from her Gray Wolf series.

While I had no problem reading her stand alone book Dream of Me since it struck a chord with me with something I could relate to, it also remind me of a song of my youth. I once again enjoyed Ms. Loftis’ writing style; but not having read any of the prior series of books I found difficulty in relating to any of the characters here.  The best way to appreciate Into the Fae is to read the author’s prior books in this series.   

I enjoyed the conglomeration of emotions I’d received reading this book, from laughing to crying and the relationships the characters have for each other made an interesting read. One thing I felt served as a distraction reading the paperback version of the book is the unjustified right margin of each page. 

All things considered, I happy to give this book 4 STARS.  Don’t let my review alone influence your decision, read the other reviews as well.