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I received a copy of this book from a Publisher’s giveaway on and the following is my honest opinion for the book.

Although it’s not directly stated reading this book I got the sense the storyline is actually a poignant fictionalized memoir of the author herself as there too many key points which both Binta, the girl in the story, and the author share. While a purist might say this book needs to be edited to some degree, I feel the writing as is adds to the authenticity of the story being from the girl’s POV.

Many other girls in the same position as Binta would have succumb to what the fates had in store for her, however the speck of faith she had in her heart and soul persevered and she survived. And having survived she herself, and like Lazarus rising from the dead, her life became one of commitment in helping young girls with some of the same issues she had to deal with, especially those which involve self-esteem and identity issues since she had already walked a mile in their shoes.

The title of this book truly defines what Binta had been going through, for any time she couldn’t run off to find some sort of sanctuary, the pain of the reality she had to endure took over and the hurting began.

For the message of hope written throughout the pages of this book, I’m giving Ms. Parker the 5 STARS it richly deserves.










I received a mobi.file [KINDLE] version of this book through a giveaway on LibraryThing in return for an honest review.

My OH and I have no children but have enjoyed our “fur babies” since being married for the past 21 ½ years and know how wonderful they can be in making us feel better when we need it the most. Being a cat lover I enter any giveaway that is offering a book where a cat is one of the main characters, which is why I’m grateful I won a copy of this book.

Billy is a sweet kid who’s been dealt a bad existence which no kid should ever be put through. To begin with he’s the adoptive child of a pair of parents who don’t seem to know how to deal with him. He’s constantly being bullied by his classmates, made by victim of pranks, and naturally because of this has no one to call a friend. To make matters worse at the beginning of summer he gets hit by a car; breaking a leg.

Anyone who’s ever adoptive a cat knows you don’t adopt a cat, the cat adopts you. Once attached cats usually can sense when you need them as they show up purring, nuzzling against your hand or another body part. Such is the case when a black cat comes into Billy’s life and he starts to feel better about himself and things in general.

The cat’s presence starts Billy off on an adventure, which take the form of a series of dreams into a fantasy world in which all the creatures are able to speak. This realm is one of pure fantasy where the Watchers, the Shadows, and the Enemy That Awakens take a part in the quest Billy must follow and complete in order to find a key which will release the voices he hears. There are important lessons which must Billy must learn along the way, and if he’s successful in this quest, will Billy also be released from his current predicament.

The storyline is fast-spaced which aids in making this book a true page-turner which segues from one scene to the next, and the writing is quite vivid all leading up to the reason I’m giving this book 5 STARS.    




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I can’t believe it’s been 16 days since I last posted a status report. With all that’s been happening since I had a nurse and a social worker coming to our home to discuss the care for my OH I’ve been involved with a multitude of tasks connected to it.

I finally got around to organizing all the paperwork and bills surrounding the supplies and care. The finances we’ve worked out seem to holding their own as we’re in no dire need of funds to pay any of the care related or regular household expenses. THANK GOODNESS the job I had required me to work with spreadsheets, so using the several I’ve created allows us to visually see where we stand on an almost daily basis, especially since I updating everything the moment there’s a change. The home care department of the hospital we’re affiliated with, thanks to our regular physician, has provided us with what we really needed for my dear’s care.

We finally got a Physical Therapist to come to do an evaluation regarding treatment and we’re waiting now for the authorization for treatment to come through.  A specialist came and has set up a new regiment of medication in order for my OH to get weaned off the medicine which had created the situation we’re in now, and which will hopefully lead us onto the road of a full recovery.

I haven’t realized the toll all this has taken on me until this past week. For the past week I’m falling asleep in the middle of each day for about two hours; and even more recently a stomach virus has taken over me greatly reducing my ability to eat any regular food as well.  A good chicken soup with noodles does indeed work wonders.

The rhythm of being able to do any of my regular daily online tasks/routine has been decimated, particularly my doing book reviews, which since becoming a Book Reviewer last year almost become a real passion with me. This is probably due to my current inability to focus on things. In fact, today [7/24] is the first day I’ve felt somewhat like my usual self.

I’m glad my Amazon Reviewer Ranking hasn’t really suffered account of this, and I’m grateful the timing of this has come at a time where I’ve got no real backlog of books to review [due to the lack of my luck in] winning any giveaways on the internet I usually enter. While receiving a YES for a review I’ve written on Amazon is nice for my ranking there, I do wish I would receive a comment now and then concerning my book reviews as I’d love to know how I’m actually doing in writing them.

The weekend is now upon us and I’d love for everyone to have a GREAT WEEKEND with your families. !!!  🙂 🙂 🙂


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“When We Love” is story particularly any woman can relate to as it’s what they truly want in a relationship.  Young women are suspicious about guys as they believe all they basically want is to get them in bed for, as you might suspect, for sex. And as for guys their suspicion is that all women are only interested in how much money they’ve got. 

Once both believe they’ve at long last found their soulmates things on occasion change drastically, and their so-called one-time wondrous relationships has hit rock-bottom, and if it ends they’ve got a tendency to become “shell-shocked” about entering into any new relationships since neither wants to be hurt again. Such is the case with Lauren and Hank.

Both of these characters need to fill the void in their lives, and when they first meet they sense something about each which might make their lives once again complete. For Hank, Lauren’s a refreshing change from all the other women as she’s apparently only interested in the man he is, and nothing else. However, he’s slow in accepting her love due to all the negatives he’d experience from his ex and the other women he’s seen. And then there’s the possible threat from his ex, who’s still lurking around in the background trying to insure he can’t find the happiness he seeks.

For Lauren, she got over her past sooner than Hank and began to open up to him, but he need more time to do the same so he can accept Lauren for the wonderful, caring person she is.

Lauren’s “well-meaning” actions create problems she didn’t need or wanted. In the end she learns a life changing lesson regarding relationships and this thing we call love; which is why I loved the very appropriate title she has given her novella and why I’m giving this endeavor 5 STARS.




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With the posting of my last book review I’ve hit a milestone in my 2nd second career as a Book Reviewer which I began only 10 months ago. I’ve now 150 reviews listed on Amazon, with 96% of my reviews being deemed helpful; and a Ranking of 7,756.

I wish my other second career as an author, could be just as successful.  The first novel I wrote is a sweet MG/YA Paranormal Romance novel entitled, “I Kissed a Ghost” which currently has currently has a decent average of 4.1 STARS based on 22 Reviews

My second book is a collection of 100 Flash Fictions I’ve written, with the vast majority of them consisting of only five sentences. The book is entitled “Micro Fiction – An Anthology” and it has so far received two wonderful 5 STAR reviews.

I currently have two WIPs in the process of being written, with both of them about 85% – 90% completed.

The first is an adult Contemporary Romance with a paranormal element running through parts of the storyline which is entitled, “His Darkest Secret.”  The second is a MG/YA Urban Fantasy novella entitled “The Secret of the Well” and is a stand-alone sequel to my first novel which has a romance has a backstory.

I’m also in the process of compiling a second volume for my Micro Fiction Anthology. I wouldn’t have these two careers in addition to being a blogger, etc. since my retirement,  if not for you my followers. So THANKS for being here.

Love and Hugs

Robin Leigh Morgan


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I’ve read/reviewed all genres of books including one which tells the story of a young girl finding what she’d believed had been the type of relationship she’s always dreamt of having with a man and despite her parents desires, runs off and marries him. It is only then she realizes the reality she’s unfortunately had gotten herself, and ultimately her child, involved in until she finds the way out; and the rollercoaster existence she went through until she finds the happiness she’s longed for. The story reads like a diary, a secret diary the character is allowing others to read.

The only difference between this book and the one I’m reviewing here is one major fact, and that difference is the one I’m reviewing now is REAL LIFE and the other had been merely a fictionalized version of it. As I read this book I had to keep reminding myself of this point several times.

The reality of what the author had to live through is a horror no woman wants to endure, let alone dream about. The only thing which kept her going, even though I believe she saw no light at the end of the dark tunnel she’s been trapped in, had been her faith and her theological education. The writing which Ms. Plano uses takes her readers into her life and allows them to feel the pain and everything else she’s gone through without, I feel, holding back any of the horrendous details.   

For allowing us to feel her pain, I see no reason I shouldn’t give this book 5 STARS.





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Although the KINDLE Edition has been offered for FREE when I went to download it, the KINDLE App for PC had not been offered as one of the devices; but I was able to read it on my kind neighbor’s KINDLE device.

This is the second book in the author’s Leanjumpstart Series I’ve had the pleasure of reading/reviewing, and the timing of its release couldn’t have come at a better time as I’d recently reviewed her book “Clean Eating Miracle: 52 Chef Habits;” a plan my OH and I are beginning to follow.

We’ve all got all kinds of habits; some good, some bad, and those we don’t actually realize we have or are doing in our daily lives; which includes me.

To fully appreciate this book to its utmost you need to read each quote the author has selected for each picture separately, close your eyes and then meditate briefly on the words you’ve just read. The carefully selected quotes are quite vivid and almost awe inspiring in communicating its message.

I would advise anyone purchasing a KINDLE Edition of this book to view the pages of this book two at a time to fully capture the beauty of the picture the author has selected for each habit.

For allowing her readers to journey within themselves to ponder over the habits they might be guilty of having [be honest with yourselves] and hopefully arrived at some resolution regarding them, I’m giving this book 5 STARS.





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When I saw this book mentioned in an email I’d recently received and being a cat lover with my dear OH [we’ve got two], I couldn’t help but download it immediately to my PC, and with it being FREE came has a pleasant bonus.

I feel this is a prefect book for all children between the ages of 5 and 8, the girls as well as the boys, especially if they already have a cat as a pet. As these young readers read about the adventures of “Chips” aka “Stupid,” they’ll inevitably begin to think about the different things their own cat has gotten himself/herself involved with, increasing their interest in the rest of the book.

The author and his wife’s decision to use the cat’s POV to tell his story in own words as he views his world and his human owners, although it actually written by someone else [perhaps a dog – – :-)] adds value to the book’s adorability factor.

Mr. Border gives his readers an unexpected bonus at the end of this story, an excerpt from his “The Little Green Man in the Red Apple Tree.”

For giving me and the other readers of this book the opportunity to see how our own cats might be viewing their world and us, I’m giving this book 5 STARS !!!



BOOK REVIEW # 2015-083 – RAVEN – The Raven Saga – BOOK 1

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Being a Book Reviewer is not really easy as it appears to be as a considerable of effort goes into writing each review. Regardless of whether I’ve bought the book [cost not coming into play] or have won it in a giveaway, if I can’t give a rating of at least THREE STARS, I don’t post a review.

I had anticipated to get more from the book than had been realized when I got to the last page. What ruined the book’s storyline the most for me has been the age difference between the protagonist Lily, age thirteen; and the guy she got smitten by, aged seventeen. Come on now, she hasn’t even had her Sweet Sixteen birthday, the age for most girls where an interest in boys takes off. Lily is far too naïve to truly understand what love is all about and for this to happen so quickly between these two individuals. Perhaps being my age, I’m too old-fashioned to “appreciate” all this. 

What makes all this even worse is that sexual relations with a prepubescent child, which I believe is  what we have in the pages of this book, is generically called child sexual abuse or molestation, and is typically treated as a more serious crime. Given this, I feel a classification for this book as being one for young adults [YA] is definitely out of line, as is a classification of new adults [NA].

Don’t get me wrong; the book itself has a wonderful paranormal, page-turning storyline and had the ages been 17 and 21, the NA classification might be more appropriate for the readers it would attract.

Be advised the author has used British English in the writing this book, so the spelling and word usage might seem strange to those not familiar with it.

With the current ages of the two main characters in place, the dialogue being used, and the incorrect identification of the non-human characters in the book; the best I can give this book is 3 STARS.





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I found “Conchita Eyes” by Allen Davies to be a quick enjoyable romance novella which surprisingly has been written by a male unafraid of using his own name.

The basic storyline is one we’re read before of a guy returning home after being away for years in search of a past he can’t really remember and trying to find something that has eluded him as well, something which we call love. The road Wayne Masters has to travel is not a smooth one; it is life with all of its ups and downs and I felt satisfied with the story’s outcome.

The inclusion of pictures, something which can be found in the early readers in children’s books, I feel aids in formulating the mental image of what this author seems to want his readers to have.

With all things considered, I’m happy to give this novella 4 STARS.




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