Somehow I believe this past July 4th will mark the beginning of my independence from the chaotic existence I’ve had to endure since my dear OH had first gone into the hospital.

With the nurse having come on Friday approving the PT at home and the social worker who came yesterday [7/6/15] I will now get the specialist we need to eliminate/reduce the medication which has caused the conditions my dear OH has been suffering from.

Having no backlog of books to read will now allow me at long last to return to my writing endeavors, but before I do I’ll need to re-read everything I’ve already written to refresh my memory and to edit things on the way. One of things I’m going to do is to increase the level of romance I’ve got between the two main characters of my MG/YA Urban Fantasy I’m writing entitled “The Secret of the Well;” which is a stand-alone sequel to my first novel, “I Kissed a Ghost.”

My Amazon Review Ranking is now below 8,000, I guess it must be due the kind of reviews I’ve been writing.