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If you’ve ever watched a program on the Travel Channel then you’ve heard the remark which advises you to seek out a “local” to tell you where the best places to eat are.  Following this advice you can avoid the overpriced tourist locations.


This advice also applies to what to see while you are there. In his book, Rome – A Photographic Tour, the author, Alexandru Ciobanu, take you on a “personally” guided tour of this capital city of Italy.

Using his skill as a professional photographer, Mr. Ciobanu has selected the best view possible for each of the sites he’s taking the reader to on this tour of Rome. The descriptions, with numbers directing you to the picture involved, cut to the chase without the flowery additions so prevalent on guided tours you pay for.

With both of us being retired, I’d so hope to do some traveling in Europe with my dear OH; but the events of the past few months this might not be able to become a reality. This book has to a large extend taken us there, without the sounds and smells of the city itself; which is why I’m giving this book 5 STARS.

I had originally won an e-book version of this book from the author through a giveaway on LibraryThing, but I couldn’t download the files he had provided. Luckily, this book had been offered as a FREE DOWNLOAD on Amazon, which the author had advised me to take.





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I read this book as I ate my light breakfast and drank my sweet, black Hazelnut coffee, which I found to be a delightful departure from reading the morning newspaper.

Part of this author’s life had been spent living day/night in a Zen Buddhist Temple which becomes quite apparent as one reads the carefully selected words contained in each poem. This is not the kind of book you can rush through, even though there’s only one poem on each page.

The various poetry items contained here need to absorbed into your mind, and if any emotions start to appear, then you must listen to your heart and meditate on whatever you’re happen to be feeling at that moment so it can become real for you.

For trying to create some clarity in someone’s life I’m giving Ms. Kent 5 STARS, I only wish the collection of poetry would have been larger.





I’ve just been accepted as a Book Reviewer on THE ROMANCE REVIEWS website where shortly I’ll be posting most if not all the reviews I’ve already written for romance books and finding more books to review..

Here’s the link to my profile there and the rest of the site: 

This is a great site for all concerned when it comes to the romance genre: authors, reviewers, and readers.  AUTHORS have they book[s] on another site and hold giveaways. REVIEWERS have their reviews posted. READERS can find their favorite romance genre and have contests/giveaways for books.

If anyone is interested in the reviews I’ve already written here is the link to my profile on Amazon, perhaps one of them will prove to be HELPFUL in finding your next book to read:

This news has DEFINITELY MADE MY DAY as well as MY WEEK !!! 


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Since becoming a Book Reviewer about a year I can’t help but notice the number of books I’ve read/review which has caused me to reminisce the years of my youth. Such is the case as I read this book by Connie Stephany.

This time it’s a song called The Second Time Around in the 1960’s sung by none other than Frank Sinatra; and if you read the lyrics to this sung, you’ll see why I made the connection.

Love is lovelier the second time around

Just as wonderful with both feet on the ground

It’s that second time you hear your love song sung

Makes you think perhaps that love, like youth, is wasted on the young

Love’s more comfortable the second time you fall

Like a friendly home the second time you call

Who can say what brought us to this miracle we’ve found?

There are those who’ll bet love comes but once, and yet

I’m oh, so glad we met the second time around.

While Abby had her first infatuation on a guy named Max thirteen years ago, but the problem is it had only been one way. But with his sudden return, it is now both ways.

As for Adam, the devoted guy she had been slated to marry, he disappeared leaving Abby alone at the altar.  Now, just as her relationship with Max is taking off, he decides to return and to once again ask Abby to marry him. And just like the words of the song by Mary MacGregor [Peter, Paul, and Mary], she’s torn between these lovers, feeling like a fool and knows that loving both of them would be breaking all the rules.

If you’ve ever had been in this same situation, having to choose between two guys who you love, then you can relate to one of the toughest decisions Abby will ever have to make in her life.

Ms. Stephany’s writing is one which allows you to experience what the main characters in the book are, which is why I’m giving it 5 STARS.






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I received a KINDLE version of this short book from the author through his giveaway on and the following is my honest opinion. Given the length of this endeavor I read this twice as I ate my breakfast.

As a child of the 1950’s in school I can remember the teacher having her class read short stories my O’Henry.

O’Henry was the pen name of William Sydney Porter who was an American writer who became known for writing short stories similar to the ones in this book. And like this author, Mr. Akopyan, the few short stories he has included in this collection, are ones which contain good characterization, wit, and the obligatory surprise ending.

I wish the author would have included several more short stories here; still this is not distracting me from giving his endeavor here 5 STARS.



NOTE: The author uses British terminology and spelling of words.


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Having my dear OH improving at the nearby REHAB, a quick drive of about seven minutes has lifted my spirits and I’ve read/reviewed seven books since my last report primarily because of it.


Recently author read a review I’ve written for their book and then sends an email to tell me she thought it was STELLAR. I got it for “Social Anxiety and Shyness – Ultimate Guide.” [Book Review # 2015-094] which I feel as far as I’m concerned has validated my status as a Book Reviewer, primarily because authors can become highly critical of the reviews they receive.


As you can, I’ve just review my 101th book so far this year, and my 164rd on Amazon where I currently have an approval rating of 96% and a ranking of 7,156 as the last time I looked.  So if you’re ever looking for your next book to read you’re always invited to check out my Amazon profile

and perhaps one of my reviews will prove to be HELPFUL in your decision making.

I’ve hit another milestone on Twitter this week, I’ve posted my 30,000th Tweet !!!

I had so hoped to find out whether my request to become a Book Reviewer on an internet romance site by now, which is why there’s been a delay in my posting this STATUS REPORT of what’s happening with me by now.  Well, no news is good news say the saying goes.

Given what’s happening with my dear OH at this time, I might return to doing some of the things I’ve done before jere on my blog, etc.



As you can tell from the reviews I write, I’ve written reviews for practically every genre, so for a change of pace from reviewing books I’ve won through the giveaways I continuously enter, I’ve decided to go to my extensive list of books I’d like to read and one choose one which in the realm of being erotic.

I wished I’d known about Powerless before, and then I’d have to read it again here as the author tells us through Carol Anne Sullivan’s POV.

As I read this book Ms. Gavin had totally pulled me into her character and at times I began to fantasize being in her shoes as a bitchy, rich, financially astute woman who’s also a dominatrix on the size; a type of person I’m definitely not.

What woman would not love to have a guy, especially one who’s a hulk and at her beg and call, even if it’s without having to tantalize him into submission?

Carol drops a member of her “harem” the moment he begins asking for sex without giving anything in return; that is until Mark Aiken enters her life as a submissive employee. But there’s a price she has to pay for all this as family issues begin to distract her; and as an extremely attractive secretary, Cindy O’Rourke, starts working for her, who’s looking for any opportunity to please her new boss, even it means being a submissive competition for Mark.

I’m not going to go into any spoilers for this book, which I seldom if ever do; but rest assured, you’re in for some steamy times which all that comes in this genre, with scenes of bondage and spanking, etc. And I’m definitely not going to tell you how this story ends as it will ruin the journey you’ll be taking and experiencing with Carol.

For having me wipe my “steamed-up glasses” several times I’m giving Ms. Gavin 5 STARS.




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I received a KINDLE Edition of this book from the author through a giveaway on FaceBook and the following is my honest opinion.

Being a child of the 1950’s as I read this book I heard the song “Behind the Green Door” playing in the back of my mind.

The specific lines from this song I heard I felt related to this stiry are:
Midnight one more night without sleepin’ –
Watchin’ till the morning comes creepin’.
Green door what’s that secret you’re keepin’?

Wish they’d let me in
So I could find out
What’s behind the green door.

Door slammed hospitality’s thin there.
Wonder just what’s goin’ on in there.

Saw an eyeball peepin’ through a smokey cloud
Behind the green door.

In “The Dead Game” Susanne Leist has crafted a wondrous conglomeration of genres to create a story which is sure to please the widest audience possible; with elements of mystery, vampires, murder, intrigue and romance how can you go wrong?

If you can remember all of the haunted houses you’ve gone through for Halloween with all the twists and turns you had to go before you reached the exit, then you’ll understand what Linda and her friends went through after they’d entered the old abandoned mansion known as “End House.” The only difference is the ones you went through had been in fun, but theirs had been real.

Just as the characters had to walk a twisting, turning path within the mansion; so does the storyline twist and turn unexpectedly; making for a page turning reading experience that you don’t want to put the book down.

The juxtaposition which exists between the outward appearance of the ocean-side town of Oasis, Florida and everything else there; especially the secrets everyone apparently has, makes for the perfect backdrop for the mansion itself.

It’s therefore not surprising I’m giving Ms. Leist 5 STARS for her endeavor here.


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FTC regulations state I must acknowledge that I’ve received a copy KINDLE Edition of this book through a giveaway on and that the following is my honest opinion.

Through NetFlix I’ve probably seen all the versions of “Alice ub Wonderland” on television and in films ever made here in the US and the UK, which is why seeing this book intrigued me enough to have entered this giveaway.

This I feel is part biographical as it pertains to the life of Carol Lewis [Charles Dodgson] since he was indeed a photographer in 1856, the year when Chapter One takes place; and that of Alice Pleasance Liddell and her family. In fact, if you look the collection of photos which exists, you’ll find one which closely matches the illustrations of Alice in the original edition of the books.

Ms. Knippling takes this relationship between Lewis, the Liddells, and then throws in zombies holding professional positions in Victorian England’s society along with the charm of the era but with mischievous children. If they got their daily dose of a special serum which controlled their normal behavior they could also hold menial jobs such as servants and the like; if not, the macabre aspect of the story takes over, giving us the intriguing read the author has given us here in the retelling of the story we came to love as children.

While blending of the genres of zombie and classical children’s literature is interesting; it’s not totally original as there had a series of books containing Alice and other characters from Wonderland set in a world of zombies. I feel it the author’s love of these items which had influenced her to write this book, and why I’m giving it 4 STARS.






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I received a copy of this book from its publisher through a giveaway on in return for my honest opinion.

This makes a wonderful first book for Pre-School and Kindergarten children ages 3 – 5 right after those thick board-like paged books they’ve just finished reading.

The book operates on two levels. The first draws upon a child’s vivid imagination by asking them to choose between several answers to questions pertaining to bugs; while at the same time giving them a subliminal education about facts concerning them; making for a total enjoyable read for the child.

The 9.4” x 10.2” format, large print and wonderful illustrations adds to the child’s reading enjoyment. The clear, understandable language use in the writing contained here has been accomplished by the author’s experience as a teacher as well as her experience of having authored over 250 books for children.

Parents should enjoy reading this book with their child as well being ready for any question they might concerning bugs; which is why I’m giving this book 5 STARS.



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