FTC regulations state I must acknowledge that I’ve received a copy KINDLE Edition of this book through a giveaway on LibraryThing.com and that the following is my honest opinion.

Through NetFlix I’ve probably seen all the versions of “Alice ub Wonderland” on television and in films ever made here in the US and the UK, which is why seeing this book intrigued me enough to have entered this giveaway.

This I feel is part biographical as it pertains to the life of Carol Lewis [Charles Dodgson] since he was indeed a photographer in 1856, the year when Chapter One takes place; and that of Alice Pleasance Liddell and her family. In fact, if you look the collection of photos which exists, you’ll find one which closely matches the illustrations of Alice in the original edition of the books.

Ms. Knippling takes this relationship between Lewis, the Liddells, and then throws in zombies holding professional positions in Victorian England’s society along with the charm of the era but with mischievous children. If they got their daily dose of a special serum which controlled their normal behavior they could also hold menial jobs such as servants and the like; if not, the macabre aspect of the story takes over, giving us the intriguing read the author has given us here in the retelling of the story we came to love as children.

While blending of the genres of zombie and classical children’s literature is interesting; it’s not totally original as there had a series of books containing Alice and other characters from Wonderland set in a world of zombies. I feel it the author’s love of these items which had influenced her to write this book, and why I’m giving it 4 STARS.


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