As you can tell from the reviews I write, I’ve written reviews for practically every genre, so for a change of pace from reviewing books I’ve won through the giveaways I continuously enter, I’ve decided to go to my extensive list of books I’d like to read and one choose one which in the realm of being erotic.

I wished I’d known about Powerless before, and then I’d have to read it again here as the author tells us through Carol Anne Sullivan’s POV.

As I read this book Ms. Gavin had totally pulled me into her character and at times I began to fantasize being in her shoes as a bitchy, rich, financially astute woman who’s also a dominatrix on the size; a type of person I’m definitely not.

What woman would not love to have a guy, especially one who’s a hulk and at her beg and call, even if it’s without having to tantalize him into submission?

Carol drops a member of her “harem” the moment he begins asking for sex without giving anything in return; that is until Mark Aiken enters her life as a submissive employee. But there’s a price she has to pay for all this as family issues begin to distract her; and as an extremely attractive secretary, Cindy O’Rourke, starts working for her, who’s looking for any opportunity to please her new boss, even it means being a submissive competition for Mark.

I’m not going to go into any spoilers for this book, which I seldom if ever do; but rest assured, you’re in for some steamy times which all that comes in this genre, with scenes of bondage and spanking, etc. And I’m definitely not going to tell you how this story ends as it will ruin the journey you’ll be taking and experiencing with Carol.

For having me wipe my “steamed-up glasses” several times I’m giving Ms. Gavin 5 STARS.