Having my dear OH improving at the nearby REHAB, a quick drive of about seven minutes has lifted my spirits and I’ve read/reviewed seven books since my last report primarily because of it.


Recently author read a review I’ve written for their book and then sends an email to tell me she thought it was STELLAR. I got it for “Social Anxiety and Shyness – Ultimate Guide.” [Book Review # 2015-094] which I feel as far as I’m concerned has validated my status as a Book Reviewer, primarily because authors can become highly critical of the reviews they receive.


As you can, I’ve just review my 101th book so far this year, and my 164rd on Amazon where I currently have an approval rating of 96% and a ranking of 7,156 as the last time I looked.  So if you’re ever looking for your next book to read you’re always invited to check out my Amazon profile


and perhaps one of my reviews will prove to be HELPFUL in your decision making.

I’ve hit another milestone on Twitter this week, I’ve posted my 30,000th Tweet !!!

I had so hoped to find out whether my request to become a Book Reviewer on an internet romance site by now, which is why there’s been a delay in my posting this STATUS REPORT of what’s happening with me by now.  Well, no news is good news say the saying goes.

Given what’s happening with my dear OH at this time, I might return to doing some of the things I’ve done before jere on my blog, etc.