I know I haven’t posted an update in almost 2 ½ weeks but I been under the weather somewhat. Perhaps it’s due to what I’ve had to endure regarding my dear OH, which is why I’ve been dozing off several times during the course of each day, unable to read/review as many books as I usually do.

Anyway, I feel almost like my old self before all this started to happen and I’m glad my dear has really started to improve. Hopefully we’ll be able to stop needing the home attendants we’re currently using and start going out again like we usually did.

My anthology of 100 Flash Fictions entitled “Micro Fiction – An Anthology” is up for nominations for “TRR Readers’ Choice Awards – Winter 2015”.  Here is the direct link to help nominate it so it can proceed to the voting round:


If anyone is looking for the next book to read, either for themselves or their child, you’re always invited to visit my Amazon profile to check out the 176 reviews I’ve written there and hopefully one of them will prove to be helpful in your decision making.


With things really getting back to normal, I’m looking at getting interviewed again for other people’s website, writing Flash Fiction, doing my own interviews of other authors.  But most of all, I looking at FINALLY getting back to my writing the current W.I.Ps I’ve got, which I haven’t done since the beginning of this year. This will entail going back and reading everything I’ve already written, which is great since I’ll be reading it with a “new” set of eyes and I’ll be able to find errors which I couldn’t previously.

I wish to thank all those who’ve sent me their supportive messages during this trying time in my life, and I want to give you wonderful “guys” my best wishes for you and your families.


Robin Leigh Morgan