About two weeks ago I got something in the mail which for the lack of any better words, reminded me of old I am. I received my Medicare card. YES, I’m going to be 65 shortly.

Having worked for the City of New York it means changing the health insurance my dear OH and I have. There’s a window of time in which I have to make my decision as to what I should take, otherwise I’ll have to wait an entire year to make any change.

This is something you can’t go blindly into, so last week I spent Monday arranging to go to the city to the union I’d belong to for counseling. Luckily I’ve got the best plan to be able to split out and calculate the new family insurance plan rates.

On Tuesday, since we go to the nearby senior center, along with the home attendant my OH has, for lunch; I couldn’t take the bus until after 1:00 PM. Needless to say, given my luck these days, when I got to where I needed to be, I found out they close at 3:00 PM for any new arriving individuals. This meant I wasted an entire afternoon, having to go back home empty-handed. The next day, I caught AN EARLY bus, and arrived at my destination to be the first person to be seen.

The day turned out to be to my advantage since I learned the two of us can have our own individual insurances because neither of us has any dependent children. Because of this my pension will increase slightly because it will be offset by having to pay for my Part B Medicare payments, and the good news is I’m supposed to get most of/if not all of these payments back the following year around August.

With two days spent taking care of this, I’d created a huge backlog of things I usually do. Spending every moment I could I’ve cleaned my backlog of books to read/review – – – only have 1 book now on my TBReviewed pile.

As for my writing endeavors are concerned, my two major WIPs are still on the back burner; my short story still needs some tweaking, and my endeavor to write something outside of my “comfort” zone needs a total rewrite, mostly because of a lack of any dialogue.

With all this, even with the help of a home attendant, I still need to look after my love. But at the same time, I’ve once again making myself available for interviews and guest blog posts.