I got a DOC.file copy of this book from the author through Marie Lavender’s Halloween Giveaway and the following is my honest opinion.

This is the second book from Kathleen Davis I’ve read/reviewed. I find the vehicle the author uses to have her main character, Emerson, quite interesting, if not unique.

In this story Emerson gets sent to clean the attic as punishment for fighting with her younger brother; cleaning is something she really hates doing. As she cleans she finds a velvet hat, puts it on; she then she immediately feels dizzy and passes out. The next she knows it’s around the year 1895, she’s in a manor house where is she’s ironically Emma, the maid there; Emma is now Genevieve is her roommate there, showing what to do in her new found capacity.

There’s a definite reason for Emerson being there and at this particular time.  After some time she had a gut feeling that something sinister was afoot, and through true grit and tenacity she proved she had been correct as she watched all the culprits involved being led away by the local constable.

She went to sleep that night in her gown, and woke up the next morning in her father’s wearing jeans and a tee-shirt with the velvet hat still in her hands.  Emerson then ran to the attic and saw nothing had apparently changed.

Had her adventure to the past been only a dream; but how could it have been, especially after she found a yellowed envelope in a copy of Pride and Prejudice on the floor and a certain locket at the bottom of the trunk. It was then she realized she’d actually changed her family’s history with this mysterious journey to the past.

I found the writing in this to be quite attention getting once you begin reading it, especially for girls between the ages of 8 -14 which is why I’ve given this book 5 STARS.

US:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0989438910

UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0989438910