This is the second book [mobi.file/KINDLE] I’ve been fortunate to have won through a recent LibraryThing giveaway from this author’s Native American series and the following is my honest opinion.

One of my best subjects in high school was history where I had about a 92/93 average, and American History was my favorite of all the history classes I had.

In this author’s second book for his Native American History series, Mr. Walker has taken his readers into the longest and most expensive Indian War this country has ever been involved with.

The author takes his readers right into the action in a matter which is similar to the “You Are There” television programs with Walter Cronkite [1953 – 1957] as you meet all the important players in this episode of American History.

As I wrote for the first book I’d reviewed in this series, Native American history has for too long been swept under the rug and forgotten about. Although the historical documentation exists it has, in my opinion, been tucked away in archives gathering dust. I know how hard it is to research a particular event in history, as I’ve helped someone doing research on such an item, and had gone with this individual to Washington, D.C. where I was given access to the stacks of the Library of the Library of Congress for a given range of the LC classification system for books.

It is for this reason I admired the tenacity Mr. Walker had in gathering the information contained in this book and for presenting it in readable form which is missing in most history books. Not only has this author merely given the information pertaining to this tragic event in American History, he has given the readers of this book some insight about the event. This is why I’m giving this book the 5 STARS it so richly deserves.