I know it’s been about three weeks since I last posted a status report but it’s been extreme hectic around here which started off by my becoming under for almost a week. It was during this time we started to have some problems with the weekend home attendant we had, which meant I had to keep a more watchful on what was happening.

With not having our apartment painted for almost 10 years we felt, despite my OH’s condition, to have it painted. Luckily we found someone who’d move the furniture; take down the pictures, paintings, etc. we had on the walls and then rehang them. While they did a wonderful job, which took 3 days to do, I’m just now finishing putting back everything in place.

Naturally, with all this going on, I had a sudden influx of books from the giveaways I’ve been entering. In addition to which were doctor visits for which I had to arrange transportation for my OH and a wheelchair, the home attendant and myself.

I now have about 6 e-books in my possession to be read/reviewed, 3 recent ones which I’ve yet to receive as well as a few for which I need to send reminders to authors to send me the copy of the book I’d won. During the time since I last posted my status report until now I’ve only read/reviewed 12 books, it should have been a few more.

Hopefully, the rest of this year will be better than it has been so far.

Since it’s THANKSGIVING, from my family to yours, have a happy one and many, many more.