I received a paperback edition from the publisher through a LibraryThing giveaway, and the following is my honest opinion.

What is a dream? Simply put it’s an action of our minds as we sleep rehashing the today’s events, something which is dear to us, or a mere fantasy of something we desire to be or to have. Most of us can remember when we woke up in the middle of the night screaming and crying and then have our mother tell us we merely had a dream, that it wasn’t real and then have us a comforting hug and kiss.

We didn’t get our first REAL explanation until we watched the classic Disney cartoon Cinderella and heard the song “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” and got your first true explanation which you could understand. As you read the lyrics of the song today as an adult, you’ll see how accurate it was:

A dream is a wish your heart makes

When you’re fast asleep

In dreams you will loose your heartache

Whatever you wish for you keep

Have faith in your dreams and someday

Your rainbow will come smiling through

No matter how your heart is grieving

If you keep on believing

The dream that you wish will come true

A dream is a wish your heart makes

When you’re feeling small

Alone in the night you whisper

Thinking no one can hear you at all

You wake with the morning sunlight

To find fortune that is smiling on you.

This might seem fine as an oversimplified explanation for us today; however, there’s an entire universe out there pertaining to the mystique which we’ve yet to learn to begin to understand what dreams are all about.

In this book, Dr. Ian Wallace, Board Certified Psychologist, helps to lift the veil to this topic in terms which most laymen can begin to understand. There’s a meaning to all of our dreams; the people in our dreams, the location, the action taking place, etc. and the author gives several examples of this to help us understand this somewhat better. A vast portion of the book consists of over 12,000 definitions for items which appear in our dreams to aid in our understanding of them.

For having fulfilled the intended purpose of this book in the manner it has, I’ve given this book 5 STARS.


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