In order to have a supply of books to review since I don’t accept requests to review books, which is why I’m always entering giveaways, and how I came to receive a mobi.file [KINDLE] copy of this book; and the following is my honest opinion.

What child hasn’t ever heard of or told a knock knock joke? As a child of the 1950’s I definitely remember telling them to my friends and have them telling to my friends


Knock, Knock who’s there?


Boy who?

Boy, I can’t believe Jill kissed Jack. Can you?


Everyone kept trying to come up with new ones, and to see who could come up with the most funniest one.

As adults we can remember the fun we all had with these knock knock jokes. And at the same time we can recognize something about them which we totally missed as a child.

Knock knock jokes have an intrinsically unique characteristic to them. They’re all based on puns; a play on words based upon what the who word in the joke happens to be. If you examine all the ones listed in this book, you’ll see how true this remark is. As kids we had no knowledge of this, we had no knowledge that while we telling them to our friends we had been increasing our verbal skills as we tried to come up with new knock knock jokes.

For allowing the kids of today to experience the fun we as adults when we were their age, and for furthering the creativity of the minds of our children, I’ve given this book 5 STARS.