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Unlike the rest of the serial killer books I’ve read/reviewed before written by Jack Rosewood, the true story of Joseph Paul Franklin is quite different. While all of the author’s other serial killers he had covered had received some psychological or sexual satisfaction with victims they’d murdered.

Joseph Paul Franklin was a drifter who roamed the east coast of the United States looking for opportunities to “cleanse the world” of those he felt were inferior, particularly blacks and Jews; and especially interracial couples. His apparent means of support supposedly came from bank robberies and which he supplemented by getting paid for blood donations; unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you want to look at it, led to his subsequent capture by the FBI.

The two most prominent of his victims were magazine publisher Larry Flynt in 1978 and Vernon Jordan, Jr., the civil rights activist, in 1980. Luckily both of these individuals survived their injuries, however Flynt was left permanently paralyzed from the waist down. Somehow Franklin did not receive any conviction in either of these two cases.

Due to his frequent changes of his accounts regarding some of the crimes he had been suspected of being involved with, authorities couldn’t charge him and therefore have no idea of the real numbers of murders he was involved with.

Rosewood once again dwells into this individual’s childhood, which once again had involved being physically abuse; as well his changing his name from James Clayton Vaughn to honor his two favorite historical individuals, Joseph Paul Goebbels and Benjamin Franklin.

For having given his readers another in-depth discussion of an infamous serial killer I’m giving this book 5 STARS.

Please note I had won a mobi.file copy of this book from a giveaway the author had on LibraryThing and above as been my honest opinion.





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Hi Guys

If everything really beginning to settle down in my life, especially when it concerns my dear OH I’ve decided to share my knowledge of marketing ideas with my blog followers.

Practically everyone knows about the two accounts you can have on FaceBook, one is the regular one and the second is Fan based.

And there’s even more individuals who use Twitter to transmit brief messages regarding something they feel is important.

One of the most important things I feel we as authors [this also applies to anyone else] are always interested in doing is to let others know something about who we are in a quick and concise manner; and also be able to update it quickly and easily.

In order to accomplish this I added to my Twitter account. You need to set up your account before you can have it linked to your Twitter account.

If you’re interested in knowing what I’m talking about you’re invited to check out my Twitter account:

The link is located on the left right below my location.


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Since last update my OH is continuing to improve which I’m very grateful for; but at the same time the dear has been somewhat increasing ornery in the way things are being done especially if they’re not being done in a certain manner. The dear perfectionist has even scolded me on occasions.

A great deal of time these days is trying to get all the paperwork and documentation together so we can do our taxes this year. Normally this is cut and dry, however with us wanting to itemize our deductions this year the process has become quite an undertaking.

I’m still not winning books to read/review at the same rate I did last year, and the authors whose books I do win are slow in sending them to me.

With an increase of 11 books since my last report to 276 since my last report I’m getting somewhat ecstatic as I see my ranking on Amazon go from 5,536 to its current 5,228, and my goal of being under 5,000 is finally in reach. So if you’re looking for your next book to read, or to give to someone as a gift you’re invited to check out my reviews at :


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Layla Wilder is a total college nerd who excels in chemistry who has come to the conclusion she needs to shed the façade she’s created for herself and start to live life like the rest of her fellow classmates, especially the young women on campus, and decides to create a bucket she feels she needs to do in order to accomplish this goal.

How would describe Layla’s desire to complete her list? Well for me when it comes to a particular item on her bucket list she would be like Diana Ross singing her song, “I’m Coming Out.” If you’re not familiar with it, you can listen to it on YouTube, and even if you are, here the specific lines of the song which I’m referring to

I’m coming out

I want the world to know

I got to let it show


There’s a new me coming out

And I just had to live

And I want to give

I’m completely positive

I think this time around

I am gonna do it

Like you never do it

Like you never knew it

Oh, I’ll make it through


The time has come for me

To break out of the shell

I have to shout

That I’m coming out

But, being totally naïve Layla knows she definitely needs help to venture into these unchartered territories of her life. The only individual she feels she can turn to in this regards in her lab partner, Beck Davenport. Beck being a hunk and a member of the college’s hockey team, a guy any woman would desire to save as her own, agrees to her relatively simple request since he doubts she has nothing to offer him in the form of a love interest. As he helps her check off the items on her list, Layla begins to grown on him and by the time she reaches the last item on her list, NUMBER 7, which happens to be a night of uninhibited, mind-blowing sex; Beck has found her to be the woman he’s always longed for. But how can he convince her to have him fulfill the seventh item on her list, without losing the platonic relationship they’ve shared so far.

This book happens to be in the still relatively new genre of romance, New Adult. The characters in these stories are supposed to be either in their senior year of high school or beginning college. Sex is more of flirty nature than anything else, although some stories might go all the way. How far do Layla and Beck go in regards to fulfilling the last item on her bucket I’m saying but is well worth the read, which is the reason Ms. Madsen is getting 5 STARS from me for her book.

I received an e-book copy of this book in connection with the MAVP event The Romance Reviews had on their website.





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This is truly a wonderful picture book for children who are just beginning to read.

The illustrations by Jessie Judge bring this book to live as its young readers, with the aid of their mothers, read the story. Having been brought up reading Dr. Seuss, today, as an adult, I know how difficult it is to tell a story in rhyme, and Nicole Bruno Cox has succeeded in doing just that.  Just as children today are still captivated by the Mother Goose nursery rhymes, they’ll be captivated here as well.  A wonderful addition to this book is the subliminal lesson which it communicates regarding the importance of listening to one’s mother when she tells you something you should not do.

For delightful book and the message it communicates to its readers I’m happy to give this book 5 STARS.

I’ve received a hardcopy of this book in return for my honest opinion.




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I recently requested to review this book from The Romance Reviews and had been given the opportunity to do so. The following is my honest opinion of what I read and what I’ve written has just been approved to be posted on their site.

If the title I’ve given to my review sounds familiar it’s because it’s the title of a song from the 1950’s by Nat King Cole. If you read the lyrics of his version of the song you’ll get some idea of how Erik Anderson feels towards Mina Castner.


Each time I look at you is like the first time.

Each time you’re near me, the thrill is new

And there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for

The rare delight of the sight of you for…


The more I see you, the more I want you

Somehow this feeling just grows and grows

With every sigh I become more mad about you

More lost without you and so it goes


But unfortunately this is a forbidden kind a love relationship, for you see he’s the grim reaper and she’s only human. Erik knows his mere touch will cost Mina her life. But her simply being in his sight has cost his years of being alone to ignite his long suppress feelings towards the opposite sex and he’s brought to her like a moth around the flame of a candle, which can become deadly if it continues for too long.

Mina sees past the cold façade Erik presents to everyone to the beauty and gentleness he actually possesses. There’s a serious affection which exists between these two, even without the holding of hands or the slightest gentle kiss, an affection which grows the more they’re in each other’s company.

I loved how Ms. Intyre ended her novella in an extremely sensual manner coupled with an unsuspected happy ending, which is why I’m giving her endeavor here 5 STARS.




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I enjoy being a Book Reviewer who doesn’t accept requests to review books. I either get books I’m interested in reading myself or I enter giveaways and I hope I win the book I’d like to read/review. This time I won this book from a LibraryThing giveaway and the following is my honest opinion.

I also find it refreshing to be able to just sit back in my reclining chair and allow my inner child the opportunity to read a book and then tell me what it taught of it. In this book, Tovi and his penguin friends decide to spend a day at the beach where they found a wonderful location, underneath a tree so it would give them shade from the hot sun. The only thing they did not expect had been the ocean tide coming in and separating them from the rest of the beach by surrounding them with water.

While the story is quite entertaining for its early beginner readers it’s also unsuspectingly educational as well. This is one of the best ways to reach these young minds for they can better relate to the characters in the book and the lesson/information being given. In this book, which is part of a series of Tovi’s adventures, readers are given information about tides, and are also taught about disappointments/sharing.

The wonderful illustrations on each page help its readers visualized the story and is why I’m giving this book 5 STARS.




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I’ve received a mobi.file [KINDLE] copy of this book through a giveaway the author had on LibraryThing and the following is my honest opinion.

Having taken German in college as the language, and still able to speak it from time to time when I find someone to speak it with, I found this book to be quite useful for anyone who’s seriously interested in being able to begin learning Germanspeak it, especially if they’re considering a trip to Austria or Germany.

The author begins her book by telling her readers how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet by doing it phonetically in English. The book is then broken down by categories which any visitor will find useful, with simple phrases to help them with routine requests. Unfortunately the download I got did not allow me to go from the Table of Contents directly to the section I was interested in looking at.

While the book doesn’t really help one with all the grammar of German it does fulfill its mission of giving its readers the basics of the German language. It’s a good refresher for anyone who had taken the language in school.

For opening the door of the German language to anyone interested in learning the basics of this language, I’m giving Ms. Swan 4 STARS.




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I received an mobi.file [KINDLE] copy of this book from the author through a recent giveaway he had on LibraryThing and the following is my honest opinion.

We usually think of an adult female as being quite gentle and demure especially between the years of the 19th and the 20th centuries in Norway.  However, Belle Gunness turned out to be a pure epitome of the total opposite.

According to an unverified account at the age of eighteen she attended a dance while pregnant where she got kicked by a male and wound up having a miscarriage. Naturally given the time this incident took place, since this individual came from a wealthy family, and she came from the working class family, he was never prosecuted by the Norwegian authorities.

This incident, in all probability, must have been the catalyst which totally changed her personality from being sweet and innocent to being maniacal revengeful towards practically everyone around her.

After moving to Illinois and becoming a pig farmer her reign of terror became unbeknownst to any of her nosy neighbors by committing fraud, thefts, and murders. She lured her unsuspecting male victims by placing newspaper ads, claiming she was looking for love from the right man and that she was wealthy. Once a suitor fell for her ploy they became her next victim and she got all of the money. Not only did men fall victim to her diabolical schemes, women and children also met their fate at her hands.

Those victims who didn’t get buried under the pig pen had their bodies chopped up and fed to her pigs in the middle of the night. Soon after she claimed her 48th victim a fire engulfed her farmhouse burning it to the ground. In the ashes they found her three children and the body of a decapitated of a woman.

Since the body couldn’t be identified the author in his description for his book; writes the following:

Did Hell’s Belle finally meet her match in the form of Ray Lamphere, the man accused of the arson and murder, or did she fake her own death? Was she the woman arrested for murder decades later?

For having written of one his best books in his Historical Serial Killers and Murderers [True Crime by Evil Killers] I’m giving this addition 5 STARS.