Since last update my OH is continuing to improve which I’m very grateful for; but at the same time the dear has been somewhat increasing ornery in the way things are being done especially if they’re not being done in a certain manner. The dear perfectionist has even scolded me on occasions.

A great deal of time these days is trying to get all the paperwork and documentation together so we can do our taxes this year. Normally this is cut and dry, however with us wanting to itemize our deductions this year the process has become quite an undertaking.

I’m still not winning books to read/review at the same rate I did last year, and the authors whose books I do win are slow in sending them to me.

With an increase of 11 books since my last report to 276 since my last report I’m getting somewhat ecstatic as I see my ranking on Amazon go from 5,536 to its current 5,228, and my goal of being under 5,000 is finally in reach. So if you’re looking for your next book to read, or to give to someone as a gift you’re invited to check out my reviews at :