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When I saw that Bill O’Neill offering the KINDLE Edition of this book for free I jumped at the opportunity at the opportunity to add it to my collection of non-fiction books.

While the author has set up this book in the same manner as he did in Volume 1, this time I can see the logistics for this doing so better. I enjoyed the fact that in this volume he has expanded the scope of the trivia being to include categories other than those which the first one had contain.

If anyone is interested in starting an on-going Trivia Contest at your church, community center or neighborhood bar/pub; than this book along with the author’s first volume of Trivia Madness would serve quite well in making that endeavor a reality, which is why this book is getting 5 STARS from this reviewer.





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I’ve read/reviewed practically all of the books Jack Rosewood has written so far in his collection of books of serial killers we’ve had in this country and I’ve found each one to be an interesting and informative reading experience reading the deprived and diabolic individuals which have existed here in the US. And if you couldn’t imagine that the fairer sex would have able been capable of committing not one, not two, but a series of heinous murders; he’s made sure to include one.

This author has now decided to set his sight internationally in order to illustrate that these maniacal individuals exist in the rest of the “civilized” world and has chosen to begin with three of the most infamous individual who all came from Colombia and who Mr. Rosewood has correctly described as being monsters due to what they’ve done to their victims, essentially all of them being children, as well as their sheer numbers: Luis Garavito, Daniel Camargo Barbosa, and Pedro Lopez.

Just read what the author wrote in the introduction to this book:

“…The three men who have set records for their kills each targeted children, using various tricks to lure them away from safety, including candy, money, and various disguises. And while it is unfathomable that together these three men are believed to be responsible for the deaths of more than 500 children, what is even more impossible to believe is that the punishments in no way fit their crimes…

…Each is the stuff of nightmares, and while Garavito is still behind bars and Barbosa is dead at the hands of a fellow prisoner, Lopez is free, his whereabouts unknown, making him a likely subject of many a horror story told ‘round a campfire…”

The stories of these three might be able to turn the stomachs of some readers who consider themselves psychologically strong enough to handle what I feel are extremely gory details of their actions.

As in the rest of the book he’s written, the author has included information of the childhood background of his subjects which could have set the stage for their actions.

For having taken the time to collection the information needed to write this book, and for presenting it in an enjoyable reading manner I’m giving this book 5 STARS.

The best things in life are free, which is why I consider myself fortunate to have once again won a mobi.file copy of this book through a giveaway the author had on LibraryThing. The above as always has been my honest opinion.






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You’re interested in getting the word out to a MASSIVE AMOUNT of individuals all at the same time. Despite how proficient you might be it’s a monumental task which will take an equal amount of time, more time than you’d want to take, especially if you’re interested in reaching a new audience.

These days we’re in luck THANKS to

At you tell people about yourself, your project [ie promoting your book] and other information all in attempt to garner enough support so your message will be sent out. If you fail to reach your goal of 100, 250, or 500 supporters, you’re message doesn’t get sent out. If you’re successful it will be sent out to everyone               who is following your supports on: FaceBook, Twittter, and Tumbler.

To see what a Thunderclap campaign looks like after you’ve set it up and it gets approved, I would appreciate your kind support in the one I currently have running

Remember: Knowledge is USELESS unless it is SHARED !!!

Until next time have a GREAT WEEKEND with your family and a GREAT WEEK with whatever you do !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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As you give so shall you receive; powerful words and quite true when it comes to promoting your book[s]. That is why I want to expand at what I had given as an idea last time. Seek out a 501c3 charity where you can offer to do a book signing and would be giving them a dollar for each book you sell. And depending on your generosity you can say that you’ll also be giving them a portion of your royalties that you receive for the month of _____.

The best time to do this is when they’re having some sort of event where a book signing would fit in. Depending on the circumstances the organization might post something about your donation on their web site. If you’re lucky the event might have some media coverage and if they interview you, mention your royalty donation. And then who knows what might happen next. The portion of your royalties doesn’t have to be a lot, even 5% I feel would be acceptable. You might consider rounding up the percentage to round off your donation. Remember to keep your documentation as the donation might be used as a business expense and therefore deductible.


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I found this book to be refreshing change from the various genres I usually read. The book is a wonderful collection of trivial knowledge from the arts we all love: movies, music and television; and the level of difficulty ranges from everyone has to know the answer to this question to I had no idea, which is sure to please practically every trivia aficionado. When it came to the questions regarding television, the author has included both American and British programs [programmes] so be prepared. It came as a surprise to me that I actually knew the answers to the number of questions I did.

The author, I feel, should have arranged the questions contained in the book into chapters/categories instead of the hodgepodge manner he did. Having the answers to each question immediately after the questions serves a purpose, yet, anyone who’s really into trivia would have preferred the questions/answers to have been numbered and placed at the back of the book. However, this would have been quite practical for the paperback edition of the book where it is quite easy to turn back/forth but rather impractical for any e-book edition.

Because of this, somewhat of a quandary has developed here regarding the rating I should give. Since the vast majority of readers will be getting the e-book version, I’m giving this book 5 STARS.  I’ve received a free download from Amazon for this book through the author’s giveaway on LibraryThing and the above has been my honest opinion.




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The drought of my not winning giveaways so I’ll have another book to read has essentially ended. However, the authors whose books I’ve won haven’t been sending me them as fast as I would like which has resulted in a backlog in this point of the reading/reviewing timeline.

In years past I seldom sat down to read any books. No. Let’s be honest about this. Since graduating college I haven’t allowed myself time to read books, which is probably due to all the BORING textbooks I had been forced to read back then. Children whose parents had forced them to do things they didn’t really want to do, usually wind up hating to do them later in their lives. So I became a child all over again when it came to books.

Now in the pass 19 or 20 months since having started my 2nd second career since retiring as a Book Reviewer I’ve read/reviewed a surprising total of 285 books. Not only have I found it quite enjoyable reading the vast genres of novels I’ve done, I found it has also improved my writing skills as it having in my re-reading and editing for my WIPs. In fact it has allowed me to start a third manuscript in what I consider to be an uncharted territory in my so far limited career as a romance author, that of an erotic/GLBT novelette.

When I started to review books I never would have imagined that today my Amazon Reviewer Ranking would stand as it does as I’m writing this blog post at 5,123. I love it when an author whose book I’ve reviewed writes back and tells me that I’ve been able to understand her intentions when she wrote her book, including on about three conclusions what had influenced her; and on one occasion it had also been in her title selection.

With my WIPs being 80% – 90% completed I’m just waiting to raise enough funds so I can finish the writing process and hire an editor so I can begin the next stage of the self-publishing process.

Oh YES, before I forget my dear OH is continuing to improve and I’m hoping that shortly we’ll be able to return to living our lives as it had been prior to everything which had been turned upside down.



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I love it anytime a novel, especially a romance one, triggers a sound to start playing in my mind; and this happens to be one of these times. The song which I heard this time happens to share the almost the same title, “Forever and for Always” by Shania Twain’; just read the lyrics to the song to get what I’m referring to as it pertains to Susanne Mathews’ novella

In your arms I can still feel the way you

Want me when you hold me I can still hear the words you whispered

When you told me I can stay right here forever in your arms


And there ain’t no way I’m lettin’ you go now

And there ain’t no way

And there ain’t not how I’ll never see that day


Cause I’m keeping you Forever and for always

We will be together all of our days

Want to wake up every Morning to your sweet face, always Mm, baby  …


…In your eyes (I can still see The look of the one)

I can still see The look of the one who really loves me (I can still feel the way that you want)


The one who wouldn’t put anything Else in the world above me (I can still see love for me) I can Still see love for me in your eyes (I still see the love)…


The author has made sure to include just the right amount of conflict to make the storyline interesting; and has developed the characters to a point where her readers can complete their visualization on their own. For allowing her readers to step into Brandi’s shoes I’ve given this novella 5 STARS.

I received an e-book copy of this book through Marie Lavender’s Crazy Romance Giveaway and the above has been my honest opinion.



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