This is the second book in the Tovi the Penquin series by Janina Rossiter I’ve won through a giveaway on LibraryThing that I’ve had the pleasure of reading/reviewing.

In this outing Tovi and his friends are off to London because it’s raining and since they had nothing to do. However their plans get ruined because they found rain in London as well. Instead of feeling discouraged they decided to make the best of things by seeing as much of London as they can in the time they’ll be spending there. Once again the author has subliminally communicated to her young readers an important message about getting disappointed and to just make the best of things.

While the illustrations match the narrative wonderfully, the author has thrown in some British English like, “ask them round.” This book should delight its beginner readers and in the end I’ve decided to give Ms. Rossiter 5 STARS for her endeavor in this volume of the Tove the Penquin series.