The drought of my not winning giveaways so I’ll have another book to read has essentially ended. However, the authors whose books I’ve won haven’t been sending me them as fast as I would like which has resulted in a backlog in this point of the reading/reviewing timeline.

In years past I seldom sat down to read any books. No. Let’s be honest about this. Since graduating college I haven’t allowed myself time to read books, which is probably due to all the BORING textbooks I had been forced to read back then. Children whose parents had forced them to do things they didn’t really want to do, usually wind up hating to do them later in their lives. So I became a child all over again when it came to books.

Now in the pass 19 or 20 months since having started my 2nd second career since retiring as a Book Reviewer I’ve read/reviewed a surprising total of 285 books. Not only have I found it quite enjoyable reading the vast genres of novels I’ve done, I found it has also improved my writing skills as it having in my re-reading and editing for my WIPs. In fact it has allowed me to start a third manuscript in what I consider to be an uncharted territory in my so far limited career as a romance author, that of an erotic/GLBT novelette.

When I started to review books I never would have imagined that today my Amazon Reviewer Ranking would stand as it does as I’m writing this blog post at 5,123. I love it when an author whose book I’ve reviewed writes back and tells me that I’ve been able to understand her intentions when she wrote her book, including on about three conclusions what had influenced her; and on one occasion it had also been in her title selection.

With my WIPs being 80% – 90% completed I’m just waiting to raise enough funds so I can finish the writing process and hire an editor so I can begin the next stage of the self-publishing process.

Oh YES, before I forget my dear OH is continuing to improve and I’m hoping that shortly we’ll be able to return to living our lives as it had been prior to everything which had been turned upside down.