As you give so shall you receive; powerful words and quite true when it comes to promoting your book[s]. That is why I want to expand at what I had given as an idea last time. Seek out a 501c3 charity where you can offer to do a book signing and would be giving them a dollar for each book you sell. And depending on your generosity you can say that you’ll also be giving them a portion of your royalties that you receive for the month of _____.

The best time to do this is when they’re having some sort of event where a book signing would fit in. Depending on the circumstances the organization might post something about your donation on their web site. If you’re lucky the event might have some media coverage and if they interview you, mention your royalty donation. And then who knows what might happen next. The portion of your royalties doesn’t have to be a lot, even 5% I feel would be acceptable. You might consider rounding up the percentage to round off your donation. Remember to keep your documentation as the donation might be used as a business expense and therefore deductible.