Imagine you found the happy ever after you’ve been searching for and married him. But soon afterwards you find in reality he’s actually an abusive cad you should have dropped like poison.

Now imagine if you will you’re the female protagonist in this book, Elena. What would you do if your new counterpart [Richard Laurent] loses you in a game of poker to a scheming Mississippi bastard of a riverboat gambler Jedidiah Nash. Naturally while you’ll be infuriated at the same time you’d be looking for some way to turn this situation around to your advantage.

Elena in her anger did precisely this, she allowed herself to lose her fidelity to her husband so she could finally experience some true lovemaking, something she never had gotten from Richard. What was supposed to have been merely a lark, turns out to be more serious as both Elena and Jed fall for each other that one night.

While I felt this story was quite enjoyable, I would love it to have been a bit longer so there could have been more character development in what is otherwise a sweet yet spicy hot romance; which is why I’m only giving it 4 STARS.