One way of getting some exposure for yourself and your writing endeavors is to simply enter writing contests or do a submission for an anthology or magazine. I’ve done both.

I had entered the SFWG [Short Fiction Writer’s Guild] 2014 Flash Fiction Contest and won THIRD PLACE.

If you click on my name you’re directed to Amazon and the two books I’ve written.  I’m trying to a link so you can read my winning entry.

I also did a submission for the premiere issue of The Greenwich Village Literary Review and it got accepted for publication. You can read my submission here:

Scroll down to Page 61

While the first item I’ve listed above produced no results, I noticed a slight uptick in the sales of my MG/YA Paranormal romance “I Kissed a Ghost” shortly afterwards.

While neither one of these items had cost me any money or paid me any money, there are some that do. The choice of whether or not to pay any money is up to you. You’ll need to decide for yourself whether or not it be would worth the cost.