I know it’s been about 17 days since my last Status Report but there’s been nothing really to tell you guys about. During this time period:

I’ve read/reviewed 10 more books.

I almost hit another MILESTONE, so much so that I could almost taste it. Ever since I actually decided to become a Book Reviewer I dreamt of being ranked under 5,000 as a reviewer on Amazon; and on May 26th I hit 5,009. Since then I’ve experience two increases, and a decrease; so hopefully if the stars are favorable I’m hoping to reach my goal by next Monday.

BEST OF ALL, my dear OH has improved so much we’ve decided to reduce the number of days which we’ll been using a 24/7 aide from seven days to four. This will mean on the weekends we’re be able to return to the routine we use to have on the weekends; seeing movies, eating out and perhaps even going back shopping at our favorite malls.

As you saw this weekend on Saturday I had finally posted an interview here on my blog; something I haven’t done in well over a year. You’ve seen the type of questions I ask, so if you’re interested in being interviewed here send me a DM [Direct Message] through my Twitter account:


If you’re not following me yet, follow me and send me a message that you are and a follower on my blog so I can follow you back.

And if anyone is interested in interviewing me, please let me know – THANKS !!!

Until next time I hope you’re having a GREAT WEEK with your family, followed by having a GREAT WEEK with whatever you do !!!  🙂 🙂 🙂