While the total antithesis of the kind of careless, heartless individual we all love to hate, being an empath for Jade is actually a curse; a curse from which her parents did everything they could to prevent her from suffering. Empaths are those individuals who are strong receivers of the emotions and feelings everyone around them has, which can definitely become overwhelming. Image if you will the kind of feelings and emotions you get when someone dear to you has died. Now multiple that by a hundred; no make it by a thousand and you’ll begin to realize why she considers it to be actually a curse.

Luckily for Jade her parents made sure to keep her as isolated as possible growing up as a child; but at the same time they unfortunately they didn’t do anything in preparing her for the time she might leave the nest to go to college. There, she now needs to learn how to set up some sort of protective barrier from the emotions and feeling those around have. Instead of merely feeling other people’s emotions these emotions are ruling her as she becomes their emotions.

Once Jade started going to class the multitude of emotions from her classmates: nervousness, excitement, rage, fear and frustration made her relatively helpless since she hadn’t developed any sort of barrier to shield herself. Luckily she was able to gather some classmates to help her gather the knowledge she needed to begin to protect herself.

All is comparatively fine, fine that is until a psychopath, named Ethan, develops a fascination for Jade and the feeling of fear she’s constantly emitting because of the lack of control over that emotion. You wind up with a showdown, either Ethan will possess Jade or Jade must use the empathic curse she was born with to overcome him.

This book is full of emotions and is a captivating, fast paced read due to the practically flawless writing of the author for which I given the author 5 STARS.

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UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R3V6HOFWLBFAWA