Since first coming home from first being hospitalized and going for rehab and coming home; and then being hospitalized for a broken hip/partial hip replacement followed by more rehab, this is the FIRST WEEKEND my dear OH and I have been able to be alone. The dear has improved so much we decided to discontinue the use of the 24/7 home attendants we’ve been using on the weekends. And I would love for us to stop using them totally before the end of next month.

To celebrate we went to our favorite Indian restaurant to partake to their all you can eat buffet, something we haven’t done in about 19 months.

Since I do my best writing before 9 AM and after 10 PM not having a home attendant during this weekend [Sat – Mon] has finally given me access to our second bedroom where they sleep, etc. during the times I’ve just mention.

Before I can move forward working on any of the three WIPs I current have, I first must re-read everything I’ve already written slowly to refresh my memory and to allow my “fresh” set of eyes I now have to pick any errors which exist or to make any changes.

Since I don’t really have any books on my TBReviewed pile for books I’ve won from the giveaways I usually enter; I’m now on the prowl for free KINDLE books on Amazon. Since I don’t post the reviews for these books you’ll need to check my Amazon profile from time to time read them.