I received a copy of this book from the publisher through a giveaway they held on GoodReads and the following is my honest opinion.

What is a single, harried woman who’s tired working for a sleek, high-end baby magazine to do when she’s toiled for an imaginable number of unappreciated hours merely covering for her co-workers, picking up the work because of their kids, or because fate has made them fortunate enough to give birth to a child, if not more? She’ll do what practically any woman, perhaps even yourself, would do. She’ll jumped at the first opportunity destiny would give her for a respite from her predicament.

Luckily one day, out of the blue, such an opportunity finally prevailed. Liz Buckley didn’t asked for, or planned for it just happened.

Usually no one, even her boss, ever noticed the work-related anxieties/stress she regularly suffered from. You know the kind I mean; the kind where everyone takes you for granted or never appreciates your efforts at work. I know how she felt because this has happened to me on a regular with my civil service job.

However, on this particular day, even though she never said a word, her boss mistakenly takes her usual stressed-out appearance for that of morning sickness, and the onset stages of motherhood. And if you’ve ever been fortunate enough to become pregnant, you know precisely how everyone’s perception of you changes at work. All of sudden they honestly care for you and suddenly everything you do. While your job title doesn’t change, your status at work does. A strange thing is at the beginning it doesn’t matter if you’re married or single with or without a regular male companion, the only thing which does is your newly found medical condition. But give it a little while and suddenly it becomes an item ripe for office gossip.

Liz got lucky in helping her carry out her charade with the aid of two great friends and co-workers Brie and Alexis. They help Liz to calculate a plausible LMP date and the vital EDC for any true pregnant, making sure she can answer any question throw at her regarding her condition, as if she’s actually pregnant; for any hesitation would bring a swift and embarrassing end to her pretense. They also with some additional aided Liz in making sure her physical appearance would match the progress of a real pregnancy.

From this stage forward, she had to live a double life, a pregnant “Mom” during the day and a swinging single woman at night. This existence becomes a real challenge when she meets a guy during one of her nighttime soiree who just might be her HEA, and can’t figure out to tell him so she won’t lose him.

What’s going to happen to Liz regarding her pretense at work and her co-workers as the proposed blessed day approaches and the baby showers begin? What’s going to happen regarding Liz’s family’s expectation for her? What’s going to happen to Liz when the gig is up and she must reveal the truth? I’m not going to reveal the answer; you’ll need to read the book to find out.

While this book is a Contemporary romance, it is more of a Romantic Comedy, which must be kept in mind as one reads it in order to better appreciate what the story has to offer. For having written her readers a fun reading experience regarding pregnancy and the work place I’ve given this book 5 STARS.

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