Since my last Status Report there’s been improvement on several fronts; the most important of which is our picking up a walker with four wheels which will allow for an improved ability to ambulate; both in overall movement and speed.

My Amazon Reviewer Ranking has been under 5,000, and improving for the past three consecutive updates. I’ve now completed 327 reviews and my goal of 350 by the end of July should be quite attainable at this point.

As far as my WIPs are concerned; I’ve made 127 changes to my adult Contemporary romance, “His Darkest Secret,” resulting in an increase of 226 words. It’s amazing what over a year without looking at a manuscript can do; it’s like looking at it with a totally new set of eyes and the ability to clearly see what needs to be changed. If you’re constantly reading a manuscript over and over, you can become blind to necessary changes since you’re overly familiar with what you’re reading. With a goal of completing one chapter a month, I should be finished with this endeavor in just over three weeks. Then I can begin the process of finishing the writing of this WIP over the following four weeks.

This means I must seriously look for ways to create the funds I’ll need to pay for editing and the creation of a cover. I’d love to have this novel published by the end of October.