As you know by now I basically read/review books which I’ve either won through the various giveaways I’m always entering or I’ve obtained myself. So when I’ve found an author I truly like, I’m always on the lookout for their next giveaway. I therefore feel fortunate to have won the giveaway for Ms. Rossiter’s latest addition to her Tovi the Penquin series.

Each of this author’s books are aimed for the youngest of readers so they can experience the joy of reading at an early age while at the same time educating them in some aspect of life. Tovi the Penquin goes Treat-of-treating introduces its young readers to Halloween, the holiday most children love besides Christmas. It teaches them that while on the outside things might seem scary, they’re actually meant as an opportunity for them to have fun.

The illustrations are perfectly keyed to the surrounding text, aiding in the visualization of it. This like all of the other two books I’ve already reviewed are guaranteed wanting to read over and over again; and in some incidents its young readers have been known to attempt reading them to their younger siblings, their pets or their toys. So it should come as no surprise I’ve given this book 5 STARS.

NOTE: The author has used the British spelling of certain words.