Here is my interview with Robin Leigh Morgan

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This is a recent interview I did on another blog site.

If you’d to interview as well, just contact me



Name: Robin Leigh Morgan [pen name]

Age  65

Where are you from  N Y Metropolitan Area

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc

I’m a retired NY City employee who’s been married for over 22 years, no children.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

After about 15 months, due to personal issues and health issues regarding my dear OH, I’m finally getting to my writing romances

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

I actually began writing over 20 years ago when I wrote items for a community newspaper for about 11 years.

Fiona: When did you first consider yourself a writer?

It had been as I said in my answer above. However this was non-fiction. I didn’t consider myself as a writer of fiction [romance] until I had typed that elusive final period of my debut MG/YA Paranormal romance novel, and then…

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Many of you who have followed by blog know that I’ve written a MG/YA Paranormal romance as my debut novel entitled “I Kissed a Ghost.”

The thing is I’ve also self-published a second book entitled “Micro Fiction – An Anthology” which contains 100 Flash Fictions, the vast majority of which are only 5 sentences, with the longest having about 390 words. This book is quite different than the ones you usually read.

Well recently this book had received another 5 STAR review which I’d like for everyone to check out on Amazon.



From time to time as a Book Reviewer I love to read something other than the genres I normally would read, from children’s books to steamy erotic stories; and I’ve found reading poetry fills that desire quite well.

Poetry is able to communicate things such as feeling in a manner like no other form of literature can. Poetry comes from deep down inside its writer’s inner being which can’t really be done any other way. Poetry usually paints a certain imagery which is different to each individual reading it. So while no matter what an individual gets from reading a poem is correct as far as that individual is concerned; the question that arises here is whether or not this is what the writer of the poem wanted their readers to have after reading it.

Everyone who has ever read a poem and enjoyed it has wondered what had been going on in the poet’s mind when they wrote it. Haven’t you?

Unfortunately this tidbit of information has always remained a mystery as far as I know; which is why I loved reading this book of poems by Paul Travis.

In his book of poems Paul Travis has not only lifted the veil of mystery behind the writing of each poem, he has allowed his readers into his intimate and personal life. So in return for so aptly sharing his life with those who read this book, I’m giving it 5 STARS 

I read this book via a KINDLE unlimited download.





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Since my last Status Report I can safely say that all of the pieces of the life I share with my dear OH have begun to finally fall back in place to the way it was before the onset of the calamity both of us have had to face in our daily faces. Yesterday, after about 15 months, we when to one of our favorite malls to do some much needed shopping for clothes and ate at one of our favorite dining spots in the Food Court, the place which sells the Chicken Teriyaki with the rice/noodles and vegetables. We know we’ll have to make at least two more trips before we’re finished. Can you imagine how it feels to get outside from our apartment again and finally do the things we used to do as a loving couple?  

I will be continuing not posting all of my book reviews here since I don’t want to overwhelm, you, my dear readers, with them. The book reviews which will continue to be posted here are those I’ve won through the various giveaways you know I enter on an on-going basis. I will also post some for those books I’m gotten myself which is not to say there’s anything wrong with those I don’t post here, so you’ll need to check my Amazon profile periodically or follow me there:

I’ve devised a schedule which I hope I can keep for working on my WIPs which now number 4, concentrating on my adult Contemporary romance, followed by my MG/YA Urban Fantasy, followed by about 5 pages a week for my two erotic romance novelettes.

I still would like to start posting interviews and guest blogs here on my blog to interest the variety of items here. So if anyone interested please feel free to contact me.


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One of the programs I loved to watch on my television in my younger days, single and still unattached was “The Love Boat.” Each weekly episode contained three interconnected vignettes, in which each of couple in the vignettes took the cruise in the hopes of finding romance for the first time, rekindled the one they once had so they could get a second chance in having a HEA, or even looking at whether or not they’ve made the right decision in marrying the guy who had proposed to her.

“Winter Wedding Bells” gives its readers three authors: Kristine Rolofson, Karen Rock and Jennifer Snow who have gotten together to write three individual novelettes [vignettes], with each one taking place at the Mirror Lake Ski Lodge in Lake Placid, NY.

In “The Kiss” by Karen Rock, what would you do if right before you were to say the “I Dos” you encounter your first love and with a little prodding by your mother, a mother who probably knows you better than yourself; would you proceed with your wedding plans or stop and reconsider your options? This is the predicament Julie has found herself in with regards to her relationship with her first true love, Austin. Don’t forget a second chance of a HEA can only happen once.

In “The Wish” by Kristine Rolofson, what you do if you’re an events planner and you’ve in a professional working relationship with a sexy, Italian chef, who’s the heartthrob of countless of beautiful women; but have been ignoring any and all of his advances simply because you don’t believe you’re good enough for the likes of him? What will it take for you to see the light of that his hunk can actually be yours? What will it take for your mind to finally listen to your heart? This is score of the relationship that Grace and Nico are facing to have a HEA happen.

In “The Promise” by Jennifer Snow, what would you do if you’re the maid of honor at your friend’s now cancelled wedding and you see her cousin, a guy you once had a decent relationship until it had turned sour. Back then you were your old self and he had been a conceited football player. Today you’re a professional woman with a successful career as lawyer who some consider to be uptight. You know you’ve changed, but as far as you’re concerned this guy’s the same; and you’d love to avoid having anything do you with him. What does this guy have to do to change your mind so you’ll be willing to become his, a desire he’s desperately wants to become true? This is the second chance decision Alexis has to make regarding Liam, so there could be a HEA for both of them.

As you can see having the HEA all three of these women are looking for is not as easy it might appear. There are a lot of decisions which must be made, some easy, some hard.

While you always knew at the end of each week’s episode of “The Love Boat” that all of the couples in the various vignettes would find the happiness they’ve sought, the endings here is not as clear cut. How many of these three stories end in a HEA, with two being a much sought after second chance? Will it be three, will it be two or will it be none?

As a Book Reviewer I know the answer since I’ve read the, but for everyone else, the answers can be found when you read these three stories, each wonderfully written in the style of their individual authors.

Granted this is not the winter season, but with a collection of stories like these in doesn’t matter; so how can I not give this book 5 STARS.




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I won a signed paperback copy of this from the author on a giveaway she had on her FaceBook page and the following is my honest opinion.

Have you ever been or have known someone who has had no time in their lives for anything else but taking care of those who are near and dear to them, and putting all of their dreams especially those of romance on the back burner?

If you do, then you can totally relate to Adam Walsh, a guy fate seems to like teasing. Why did I say teasing? What else would you call having his father die, followed by his mother coming down with Alzheimer’s and losing the memory of her family, and leaving the family business in hands? What else would call when these things causes his younger brother to become so problematic that he faces being thrown out of school if doesn’t change back to the way he was before? What else would you call it if the only solution to Adam’s problem with his brother is the school’s psychologist, Rebecca Day; the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, who happens to drop by his bar one night? And to this add Rebecca’s job being on the line, by seeing if she’s able to rehabilitate Connor and the rest of the teens under her watch, succeeding here will be her only salvation.

Karen Rock has taken these somewhat ominous fate cards and has crafted a wonderful romance story with just the right potpourri of sweetness and heat; and a bit of jealously/anger when Connor see his brother in a tender embrace with Rebecca causing him to sink to taking drugs and drinking alcohol, without regards to what it might do to her career and everything should her superiors find out.

I loved the manner in which the author describes where the areas in which the story takes place, not because it’s the area where she lives; but because it’s the area that for years my dear OH and I loved going to on vacation twice a year, too bad due to various family matters we haven’t been able to visit for the past 5/6 years.

Will the issues Aiden has regarding his brother be resolved? But more important, will Rebecca and Aiden get the HEA they’ve always wanted? Read this heartwarming story to find out.

For writing this endearing story and for making me somewhat homesick to visit this area again, I’m giving it 5 STARS.


BOOK REVIEW # 2016-080 – 52 LIKES

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I received a KINDLE copy of this book from the author through a giveaway she had on LibraryThing and the following is my honest opinion.

What is THE MOST TERRIFYING experience any woman should ever have to face? Now image how this individual would feel if she had only been a teenager looking for an evening of fun at a party in an abandoned or vacant home and had gone to the wrong address, only to be viciously raped and nearly killed. You can image the intense impact this would have on the protagonist of this book, Valerie; can’t you. I know you can.

Being constantly bullied by her classmates had always plagued Valerie, but now, in addition, she not only had to face being taunted with nasty rumors of that fateful night; she also had no idea as to who her masked rapist was. Imagine looking at every guy passing by you and wondering if he had been the guilty culprit who had raped you.

While you would probably want to put this horrific incident of your life and the rest of the negative experiences of your life; Valerie definitely wants to. What she didn’t know when she began her quest to return her life to a sense of normalcy, had been the psychological and metaphysical hurdles she’ll have to face. The most baffling of these had been why all of the eerie photos of the past victims of her rapist/murderer had 52 LIKES under their photos, something which had to be more than mere coincidence.

The author has done a wonderful in writing about Valerie’s real life experience and feelings connecting with spirits of the culprit’s victims, especially the angst she experiences before, during and after her rape; feelings her readers should feel as well as they read this book. But when all is said and done, at the end of the day, will Valerie ultimately become an unfortunate victim of her horrific ordeal, scarred for life; or will she triumph and become a survivor. You’ll have to read the book to find out. As for me, I’m happy to give Ms. Sharif the 5 STARS it deserves.





Book clubs and similar entities can help you to sell several books a time. You can try using and other sites to find the book clubs in your area; once you do, I first would contact the group’s organizer so you can introduce yourself and naturally your book[s].


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After stopping the use of the home attendants we’ve been using since June 2015 for my dear OH, and after the necessary paper work, etc. we’re finally returning to a sense of real normalcy, something I haven’t had since March 2015.

If take a look at the numbers of book reviews I’ve posted since my last Status Report you’ll count 5; but in reality I’ve actually posted 11 on Amazon and the rest of the book review sites I use. So if you’re interested in seeing those additional book reviews here’s the direct link to them. You might find your next book to read.

I’m also making progress on the rewrite of the first of my three WIPs, a Contemporary romance novel entitled, “His Darkest Secret.” Right now I’ve completed 14 chapters which accounts for about 44% of the book if you’re counting pages. Once this rewrite process is completed I’ll commence writing the rest of the book; looking at a completion date by the end of this August. Then it’s onto doing the same for my second WIP, a MG/YA Urban Fantasy novella entitled “The Secret of the Well.” Here in addition to the rewrite I’ll be looking at increasing the romance element in the backstory as well as adding some to main portion of the storyline. I hope to complete this undertaking by the end of October. In between all of this I’m also looking at completing the writing of my first erotic/shapeshifting novelette/novella which is currently entitled, “The Transformation.”

I’ve got several more ideas for the marketing/promotion of our books which is being spread out over the coming weeks.

I would like to start posting interviews and guest blogs from anyone interested. If anyone is interested please contact me.


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With my TBReviewed pile waiting only to receive the books I’ve won from the various giveaways I’m continuously entering, so I decided to peruse the various free downloads being offered on Amazon, and I’m pleased that I chose this as it didn’t disappoint me.

Anyone who reads this book MUST keep in mind that it’s not written like a regular book with defined dialogues and narratives; but instead it’s diary-based with the writings of a young girl’s trials and tribulations and her “secret” inner thoughts regarding them, which is why you’ll find explanations of things in the storyline throughout the book. Mothers should try to remember what they wrote in their diaries, if they had one.

While Lily [short for Lilymandra] appears to all who see her as being a cute little 12 year-old, blonde-haired girl with freckles, she is in reality a 286 year-old witch. Lily has the power to “physically” step into a friend’s shoes so she could be with a boy she likes, a boy her friend Krystal once had as a boyfriend. How many of you reading this wished you could have done that when you were young.

Lily knows what is right and what is wrong. So when she sees Tiffany, one of the school’s bad girl bullying her friend, Lily steps in, using her powers to tell the truth regarding another student while at the same time embarrassing herself. And in doing so the teaches about bullying, why it’s bad as well as what can/should be done to stop it.

The well-written storyline makes for a humorous/informative reading experience for girls between the ages about 9 – 13, and those who are still young at heart, which is why I’ve given Ms. Cullen and her book 5 STARS. 

NOTE: A handful of words/terms uses the British spelling.



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