This is the first romance novel I’ve read/reviewed which has been set during the Napoleonic War, a time period when the well-to-do had standards that had to be followed; standards which would appeal to Regency lovers. However, Georgiana Fitzwilliam did not fit this mold nor did she want to. Instead she was a free-spirited young lady who had always been interested in things which had forbidden for prim and proper young ladies at that time.

What broke the camel’s back as far as her father was concerned about his daughter’s continuous unconventional behavior had been when she burned down his stables doing a scientific experiment. He immediately sends her packing off to Stranje House, a school noted for their transformation of girls like Georgie into hopefully what society dictated.        

Naturally once she arrived there and saw two girls imprisoned in brutal medieval torture devices which she immediately envisioned were to be used in her transformation into a desirable young lady any man would eagerly marry, she quickly began to plot her escape from “Prim and Proper LadyLand.”

But luckily as she begins her attempted escape she discovers two men who were involved in the same experiment which had caused her father to send her to this school in the first place. Instead Georgie discovers that the Headmistress Emma Stranje, owner of the school, was just as rebellious as she was, along with the rest of the young ladies who were there with her. She also learns that Stranje House was a center that taught its young ladies amongst other things diplomacy, war and espionage, things which no lady would ever be caught doing at that time to make a difference in the world; an opportunity which she instantaneously grabs with both hands, becoming what would be consider today as a feminist of her time.

Accepting this chance to do what she loves to do, she immediately gets thrusted into a world of British and French spies and a plot to restore Napoleon to the throne. While she soon has Lord Sebastian Wyatt assistance in her experiments, at the same time, these experiments puts him in grave danger on the continent. She’s also begins to be attracted to him.

The blend of the various genres which the storyline contains make for a page turning reading experience for many romance genre lovers, besides Regency. Since this blend of genres includes spies, espionage, war, and adventure, male readers might be attracted this book as well, making romance [which a little of is allowed in these genres] to take a backseat.

For making this novel appealing to a vast audience of specific genre readers, as well as males, I’ve given this book 5 STARS, too bad 5 is the limit.

I received an autograph copy of this book from the author through the YA Insider Grand Opening Celebration [Week 1] and the above has been my honest opinion.