One of the programs I loved to watch on my television in my younger days, single and still unattached was “The Love Boat.” Each weekly episode contained three interconnected vignettes, in which each of couple in the vignettes took the cruise in the hopes of finding romance for the first time, rekindled the one they once had so they could get a second chance in having a HEA, or even looking at whether or not they’ve made the right decision in marrying the guy who had proposed to her.

“Winter Wedding Bells” gives its readers three authors: Kristine Rolofson, Karen Rock and Jennifer Snow who have gotten together to write three individual novelettes [vignettes], with each one taking place at the Mirror Lake Ski Lodge in Lake Placid, NY.

In “The Kiss” by Karen Rock, what would you do if right before you were to say the “I Dos” you encounter your first love and with a little prodding by your mother, a mother who probably knows you better than yourself; would you proceed with your wedding plans or stop and reconsider your options? This is the predicament Julie has found herself in with regards to her relationship with her first true love, Austin. Don’t forget a second chance of a HEA can only happen once.

In “The Wish” by Kristine Rolofson, what you do if you’re an events planner and you’ve in a professional working relationship with a sexy, Italian chef, who’s the heartthrob of countless of beautiful women; but have been ignoring any and all of his advances simply because you don’t believe you’re good enough for the likes of him? What will it take for you to see the light of that his hunk can actually be yours? What will it take for your mind to finally listen to your heart? This is score of the relationship that Grace and Nico are facing to have a HEA happen.

In “The Promise” by Jennifer Snow, what would you do if you’re the maid of honor at your friend’s now cancelled wedding and you see her cousin, a guy you once had a decent relationship until it had turned sour. Back then you were your old self and he had been a conceited football player. Today you’re a professional woman with a successful career as lawyer who some consider to be uptight. You know you’ve changed, but as far as you’re concerned this guy’s the same; and you’d love to avoid having anything do you with him. What does this guy have to do to change your mind so you’ll be willing to become his, a desire he’s desperately wants to become true? This is the second chance decision Alexis has to make regarding Liam, so there could be a HEA for both of them.

As you can see having the HEA all three of these women are looking for is not as easy it might appear. There are a lot of decisions which must be made, some easy, some hard.

While you always knew at the end of each week’s episode of “The Love Boat” that all of the couples in the various vignettes would find the happiness they’ve sought, the endings here is not as clear cut. How many of these three stories end in a HEA, with two being a much sought after second chance? Will it be three, will it be two or will it be none?

As a Book Reviewer I know the answer since I’ve read the, but for everyone else, the answers can be found when you read these three stories, each wonderfully written in the style of their individual authors.

Granted this is not the winter season, but with a collection of stories like these in doesn’t matter; so how can I not give this book 5 STARS.