From time to time as a Book Reviewer I love to read something other than the genres I normally would read, from children’s books to steamy erotic stories; and I’ve found reading poetry fills that desire quite well.

Poetry is able to communicate things such as feeling in a manner like no other form of literature can. Poetry comes from deep down inside its writer’s inner being which can’t really be done any other way. Poetry usually paints a certain imagery which is different to each individual reading it. So while no matter what an individual gets from reading a poem is correct as far as that individual is concerned; the question that arises here is whether or not this is what the writer of the poem wanted their readers to have after reading it.

Everyone who has ever read a poem and enjoyed it has wondered what had been going on in the poet’s mind when they wrote it. Haven’t you?

Unfortunately this tidbit of information has always remained a mystery as far as I know; which is why I loved reading this book of poems by Paul Travis.

In his book of poems Paul Travis has not only lifted the veil of mystery behind the writing of each poem, he has allowed his readers into his intimate and personal life. So in return for so aptly sharing his life with those who read this book, I’m giving it 5 STARS 

I read this book via a KINDLE unlimited download.