Being a cat lover along with my dear OH [we can’t really have dogs where we live except for service ones] I couldn’t resist downloading this book via KINDLE Unlimited.

If you’re an animal lover, and even if you’re not, this wonderful collection of poems and short stories by Kevin Cooper has to make you smile, lift your spirits or warm your heart. As you read his short stories you quickly forget that some of the characters in it are not human, they’re a cat, a dog, or even a mouse, etc.; because in reality sometimes they are since they somehow know when we need their company, or are not feeling well.

Since we don’t have any children, we’ve adopted cats, and like children they love to keep each other company, play and occasionally create mischief. When one died because of illness, we had it cremated and had it buried in a beautiful pet cemetery; and it felt like we’d lost a real person. This is one of the emotions the author communicates within the pages of his book.

For giving his readers a delightful reading experience and for his willingness to donate the proceeds of this book to the RSPCA [ASPCA in the UK] I’ve got to give this endeavor by the author 5 STARS.