Being a child of the 1950’s I can remember in the fourth grade when we were asked to write a 500 [or whatever] word composition about _________. We weren’t allowed to deviate from that topic. However the fourth grade students, whose short stories are contained in this book, led by their teach Ms. Greer and NY Times Best Selling Author K. Bromberg were simply asked to something, without a word limitation, that began with the words “ONE DARK, STORMY NIGHT.”  

This collection of 23 short stories, written by these students, shows the diversity of their creativity. Of course a purist would say these stories need to be edited. However we must remember who’s writing these stories; and the worst errors I found is that of being passive in their writing with their frequent use of the word “was.” Because of the opportunity given to these students, it might serve as the catalyst which might interest them in becoming real authors.

Too bad is kind of opportunity hadn’t been given to me in the fourth grade, as I might have become an author at a much earlier age. The parents of these students must of proud of their children for getting something they’ve written to be actually published in a book. Parents, I feel should get a copy of this apparently permanent free KINDLE book for their child and then ask them to write something around the same topic idea as the students in this book. or even something else. And in support of these young writers I’m more than happy to give this book 5 STARS.