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Who has never heard of Mark Twain’s story of The Prince and the Pauper, or hasn’t seen the 1937 movie starring Errol Flynn, twins Bill and Bobby Mauch with Claude Rains, or some other version of the film. The story deals with what happened when a pauper and the prince of England meet by chance, saw they looked exactly the same and decided to swamp places.

The author            , Linda Rae Sande, has taken the basic premise of the storyline, made the two male protagonists actual brothers, and the sons of a Marquess. While Will and Stephen Slater might be brothers, Stephen is the one who’s the bastard son.

Will is finally returning to London after eight years in the British Navy, along with his brother, who served on his ship. Will is eager to find the woman, Lady Barbara, who had pledged her love to him before he left to serve his country, but now has gone missing.

Unbeknownst to Will, Lady Barbara got thrown out of her father’s home seven for becoming an unwed mother to his son. Stephen has a wonderful time as a toast of the town because all the women think he’s Will. When Will decides to go searching for Barbara, who is now poverty stricken, he asks Stephen to pretend he’s Will.

Like any woman, Lady Barbara feels that since she’s not received any letters from her true love, that he’s now a lost cause and that she should forget about any possibility he will come to rescue her from the deplorable conditions she forced to live in. Just as you might feel if the guy you love, who’s serving in the armed forces and still alive, has suddenly stopped writing his weekly letters; you’ll probably feel he’s lost interest in you; as both of you will declare you’re no longer in love with him. But what will happen and how would you will if he returns as your knight in shining armor and rescues you from your plight?

At the same time, Stephen is in his glory with all the women believing he’s Will. But how will he explain his charade when he finds a woman he truly loves.

There’s two storylines in this book, one follows Will and other follows Stephen. But in both the same questions exists: Will love overcome the barriers which exist in both their lives? Will each of the brothers find the HEA they’re searching for with the women they love?

I’ve read the book, know the answers, but I’m not saying another word. For having given her readers about love possibly conquering all, I’m happy to give Ms. Sande and her book 5 STARS.






Five days a week throughout this great country, former immigrants are becoming citizens, but before they can actually take the oath to have their dreams of officially being part of our nation they must pass a test consisting of several important general questions about the United States.

But how many of us know those little tidbits of interesting facts and trivia of our great country. Bill O’Neill in this book provides his readers 1,000 of these well-research facts covering such areas such as: Presidents, History, Religion, the Constitution, Interesting Laws on the Books, Military, and of course there’s also Weird and Random Facts.

All in all, this book will prove to be quite interesting and information to anyone who wants to learn more about the United States of American; and for informing his readers in such an entertaining fashion I’ve given this book 5 STARS.




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Muffy Wilson has an apparent inane ability to handle this genre easily as can be seen in the variety of the three short stories contained in this book. In each of these stories, the author’s writing invites readers to fantasize being in the shoes of the female protagonist, which is what had happened to me.

Without a name for the female protagonist in “The Storm” you it’s easy for you to step into her shoes and imagine you’ve just buried husband and for the first time since you’ve been married you feel abandoned and alone in the world. Could you have become distraught enough that you would decide to end your life by walking headstrong into the ocean? And if a knight on a white horse, in the guise of guy with white hair and a beard comes and rescues you from the fate you had intended for yourself, how grateful would you be towards him. Could and would it give you a reason to start a new sensual relationship with someone new?

In story number two, “The Park”, with the endearing term a hot hunk might give his woman of Lovie, Ms. Wilson makes it easy to once again step into the shoes of the female protagonist as you imagine meeting up with an old childhood friend.

Being a child of the 1950’s the playground was the place our mothers took us to have fun playing and running around with all of our young friends. The playground equipment became other things in our vivid imaginations, like the monkey bars becoming a castle with the center lower square box becoming a dungeon from which the princess needed to be rescued from, the uppermost box became a lookout tower, and the rest of the bars forming a battlefield on which your prince charming and to fight so he can rescue you from the evil knight.

But times change and the playground and park I used to love going to, like the one in the story, is no longer in use by children; having been taken over things such as video games to turn on their imagination.

With the need for the town to save money it sells off the playground to make way for a high-tech waterpark so the children there could once again have fun. The nostalgia for this place when the dedication is supposed to take place creates an opportunity for adults to meet, reminisce of the fun they once had there, and perchance meet an old friend.

This happens when Travis meets his Lovie, and with both of them presently unattached, their remembrances of when they were young and more so in their teens come gushing forth. The love interest they once had for each other as teens which had no real passion, have now matured and their long forgotten unrealized desires have blossomed into a hot passion to be in each other’s arms. Ms. Wilson no stone unturned when these two finally get into bed with each other, leaving her readers only to imagine how much heat there is and they can endure as they read this short story.

In “The Story of Us” Ms. Wilson relates to her readers how much times have changed, especially in the last twelve years. In this story Ms. Wilson gives us two individuals, Mick and Taya, who like myself are children of the 1950’s.

Back then if you were a wallflower, you still might have had a love interest which could be best described as puppy love. A puppy love in which an individual couldn’t express, due to their shyness, how they felt truly towards a person of the opposite sex. And even if you weren’t shy, and went to a park to neck, you were afraid of being discovered and report to your parents.

But since January 4, 2004 when FaceBook first came on the scene, suddenly a door has opened up a space to reveal your hidden feelings and passion towards someone else, solely because you’re not in their presence. This is what happens between these two teenage sweethearts who are now in their sixties. The two are now willing to share the true desires they once had for each other. They discover that love is indeed endless, and their desire to be with each other in their birthday suits is stronger than ever. They have no qualms about having eaten the forbidden, as they exhibit no limitations as to how far they’re willing to go to achieve ecstasy. Their age didn’t matter because they were still young at heart.

For having given her readers three short stories which show how enduring true love for another person can be, and which can be rekindled at any moment, I’m happy to this collection of three erotic short stories 5 STARS.




BOOK REVIEW # 2016-096 – Coming In Hot Paranormal & Contemporary Medical Romance Boxed Set

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When I received the email inviting me to check out this giveaway I didn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity for a chance to win this marvelous KINDLE collection of over 20 hot steamy Medical Romance stories written by NYTimes, USA Today, International, Award Winning, Best Selling authors through an Amazon giveaway. Needless to say I won and the following is my honest opinion.

When I began reading this collection of a romance genre I hadn’t read yet I didn’t actually know what do expect other than each story would be involving characters of the medical profession. Needless to say when I finished reading it’s a romance genre I definitely would like reading more of, especially when you consider I’d worked in a hospital environment in a non-medical position for over 33 years.

This collection is a marvelous opportunity to be introduced to the writing styles of authors you might have never read before and who you might be interested in reading more of now, and a new story from an author you’ve read before.

The stories themselves range from the enticing bedside behavior of doctors and nurses to sizzling romantic relationships involving them. There’s a wide variety of characters, ranging from mere medical professional to those who are shapeshifters, werewolves, vampires, and more; sure please readers of other romance genres as well.

When I consider everything this collection has to offer and a KINDLE download price of only $ 0.99 [99 cents] you can’t go wrong; which is why I’m happy to give it 5 STARS.




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The worst thing any guy could possible face is to begin to fall in love with an ex-girlfriend who once belonged to one of his best friends. The angry frustrations which can be hurled at this guy by his friend for attempting this can easily decimate the friendship they’ve shared for years.

This is the quandary which Sawyer has to face in regards to Savannah each time he sees her. Yet there’s a visible chemistry between these two each time they’re near each, a chemistry which their emotional feelings are basically being block because of the “public” environment they’re in.

But as usual when there’s a true love between two individuals is afoot, Kismet has a way of stepping in and creating the prefect opportunity where their relationship can explode to its fullest potential.

The opportunity for these two lovers to finally begin the relationship they deserve came in the guise of a hurricane, during which Savannah finds herself trapped in dilapidated, spooky house and Sawyer goes looking for her, in order to save Savannah from the predicament she’s found herself in. Will this encounter between these two lovers mark the beginning of the HEA both are seeking?

While this book’s intended audience falls under the NA [New Adult] category, I believe some Young Adults as well as those adults who are still young at heart will have Wendy Knight’s “Star Cross Hurricane” an enjoyable reading experience, which is why I’ve decided to give this book 5 STARS.



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You can post entries from your blog posts or other items on

Reddit is one of those sites you could get a lot of traffic from. However, in order for this to occur you need to keep two things in mind.

1 – Make sure you’re posting your entry for Reddit into the appropriate group, or what is called on their site a “SubReddit.”

2 – Never over-promote an item otherwise or you will hear it from other users of the Reddit community in quite negative terms.


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Between my last Status Report and this past Thursday, a period of seven days, I had been concentrating on nothing else but the reading/reviewing of books. During this period of time I read/reviewed a total of 8 books, consisting of over 950 pages. I had been pushing hard so I could reach a milestone of having read/reviewed 400 books, but as luck would have it, my stamina petered out and I had to stop. So on Friday, I decided to nothing but rest, taking it easy, and watch streaming items on NetFlix on my PC. Yesterday morning I slept late, not getting out of bed until almost eleven; I did some household shopping at the supermarket. In the late afternoon I went back to writing my erotic novella, the one I’d submitted the beginning of to a writing contest I had entered from a chapter of the RWA [Romance Writers of America], a writer’s organization I’ve belong to for 13 years. During my writing session yesterday I wound up writing about an additional 2.5% of my projection goal for the entire book.

Today I’m still debating whether or not I should enter up about 5,250 words of my adult Contemporary romance novel, “His Darkest Secret,” to another writing contest sponsored by a different RWA contest; luckily neither contest requires a synopsis to be included in the entry.

For the rest of the day I plan to do some housekeeping with the help of my dear OH, who would otherwise be resting the entire day, followed by watching a DVD I got from NetFlix in a corner of computer screen as I move forwards on the writing of my erotic endeavor. And if I do decide to enter this second contest I’d need to concentrate on finishing writing both endeavors at the same time, which should prove to be interesting.

In additional, today I plan to post more than one Promotional/ Marketing Idea entry, to make up for not doing it for so long.

I would love to hear from you my dear followers, so leave a comment on my entries from time to time. THANKS !!!


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I know it’s been about 18 days since my last Status Report but I’ve been extremely busy of late. In fact I had one already written out but apparently I forgot to physically post it.

I must be getting old, my anniversary as a Book Reviewer took place on the 24th, and not the day I mentioned in my previous Status Report. That day was actually a DOUBLE ANNIVERSARY. It had been my first anniversary as a Book Reviewer on The Romance Review website, and my second anniversary as a Book Reviewer on Amazon/GoodReads/LibraryThing as well as for my 2 blog sites. As I’m writing this report I’ve read/reviewed 391 books, but for some reason Amazon hasn’t updated its Reviewer Ranking in about 6 weeks.

Since my last post I’ve read/reviewed 16 books many of which I haven’t posted here since I don’t want to turn this blog into one which only does book reviews. So if anyone is interested in being interview for this blog or in doing a guest post please let me know via a DM/PM on Twitter or FaceBook.

I’ve found a writing contest which I’ve entered 3 days ago and of my three WIPs I’ve decided to enter the erotic novella I’ve recently begun to write. The entry requires only a submission of the first three pages; which means I’m now changing my writing efforts towards completing this endeavor just in case I should happen to win the contest [winners are announced in January] and if the final judge wants to see a completed manuscript I want it to be ready. OH BOY !!! will I become an EXTREMELY HAPPY CAMPER if this should happen. The stats for my Erotic/Shift-Changer/GLBT endeavor so far stands at 25 pages and about 6,000 words, with 4 chapters completed.



BOOK REVIEW # 2016-095 – RED HOT #1

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Congratulations agent Emily Patrick on your appointment. Your first mission which you’re being assigned is to go down to Mexico and bring back San Diego firefighter Sandal Steeves who got injured while he was on vacation when he saw a car fire with people in the vehicle.

At first glance Emily thought it would be a do nothing assignment, go down, find him, make sure he’s okay and bring him home. Unfortunately when she finds him not only is he suffering from the burns he had received while he attempted his rescue, he’s ranting about the Mexican drug cartel and their involvement with the car fire.

This immediately brings much needed attention to this pair as the cartel is now after Sandal and Emily now as well. Can these two strong willed individuals put aside their life experiences, Sandal with his firefighting and Emily with her military as well as their individuality of going it alone long enough to work as a single team, and without letting the attraction they’re beginning to have for each other; turning Emily’s first assignment in a Mission Impossible.

Can these two individuals find a safe haven to wait for the State Department to send in the cavalry to rescue them? Will they be able to outrun the Mexican network of drug pushers, etc. to stay alive long enough to be rescued?

This is a fast action fast reading experience which unfortunately ends in a cliffhanger. Being a Book Reviewer I hate them since I don’t have the luxury of time to read on. Luckily for anyone reading my review it is a wonderful opportunity to consider reading the rest of this series by this gifted author of suspense-laden romance, which is why I’ve given this installment 5 STARS.

I read this book via an Amazon-US KINDLE Unlimited download.





Ms. Gavin has presented an interesting premise here.

We have all read paranormal normal stories where the ghost is spiritually-bound to a specific place, like a home. This is what happened to Marcel when he messed with what he thought had been a gorgeous hot woman, Marie-Claudette, who unbeknownst to him she was also a witch.; a witch who tied him to a four-post bed and proceeded to place a curse on him, causing him to die and have his spirit forever bound to his mansion.

Now, 150 years later, his New Orleans mansion is now a highly exclusion sex club called Club Desire. Here we’ve got Sam, the Alpha Male and owner of the club, our overly sex perverted ghost, Marcel; and Clara, a hot looking red-haired empath who can see/hear ghosts.

Even though Clara is a hot looking woman she’s still uncertain how to truly behave in the presence of her Dom Sam. Luckily she has Marcel there to direct her in how to please Sam, she’s also lucky he can’t see or hear Marcel standing there watching the hot steamy action taking place.

Did I say hot? What else could I say when you consider what’s inside this short story. To really appreciate this story, you’ll need to fantasize you’re in Clara’s shoes and fantasize what’s happening to you.

For having given me a steamy hot short story before I go to bed, a story which I might definitely dream about as I sleep; I’m giving Ms. Gavin 5 STARS.

I read this book via a Amazon-US KINDLE Unlimited download.



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