Ms. Gavin has presented an interesting premise here.

We have all read paranormal normal stories where the ghost is spiritually-bound to a specific place, like a home. This is what happened to Marcel when he messed with what he thought had been a gorgeous hot woman, Marie-Claudette, who unbeknownst to him she was also a witch.; a witch who tied him to a four-post bed and proceeded to place a curse on him, causing him to die and have his spirit forever bound to his mansion.

Now, 150 years later, his New Orleans mansion is now a highly exclusion sex club called Club Desire. Here we’ve got Sam, the Alpha Male and owner of the club, our overly sex perverted ghost, Marcel; and Clara, a hot looking red-haired empath who can see/hear ghosts.

Even though Clara is a hot looking woman she’s still uncertain how to truly behave in the presence of her Dom Sam. Luckily she has Marcel there to direct her in how to please Sam, she’s also lucky he can’t see or hear Marcel standing there watching the hot steamy action taking place.

Did I say hot? What else could I say when you consider what’s inside this short story. To really appreciate this story, you’ll need to fantasize you’re in Clara’s shoes and fantasize what’s happening to you.

For having given me a steamy hot short story before I go to bed, a story which I might definitely dream about as I sleep; I’m giving Ms. Gavin 5 STARS.

I read this book via a Amazon-US KINDLE Unlimited download.