Congratulations agent Emily Patrick on your appointment. Your first mission which you’re being assigned is to go down to Mexico and bring back San Diego firefighter Sandal Steeves who got injured while he was on vacation when he saw a car fire with people in the vehicle.

At first glance Emily thought it would be a do nothing assignment, go down, find him, make sure he’s okay and bring him home. Unfortunately when she finds him not only is he suffering from the burns he had received while he attempted his rescue, he’s ranting about the Mexican drug cartel and their involvement with the car fire.

This immediately brings much needed attention to this pair as the cartel is now after Sandal and Emily now as well. Can these two strong willed individuals put aside their life experiences, Sandal with his firefighting and Emily with her military as well as their individuality of going it alone long enough to work as a single team, and without letting the attraction they’re beginning to have for each other; turning Emily’s first assignment in a Mission Impossible.

Can these two individuals find a safe haven to wait for the State Department to send in the cavalry to rescue them? Will they be able to outrun the Mexican network of drug pushers, etc. to stay alive long enough to be rescued?

This is a fast action fast reading experience which unfortunately ends in a cliffhanger. Being a Book Reviewer I hate them since I don’t have the luxury of time to read on. Luckily for anyone reading my review it is a wonderful opportunity to consider reading the rest of this series by this gifted author of suspense-laden romance, which is why I’ve given this installment 5 STARS.

I read this book via an Amazon-US KINDLE Unlimited download.