I know it’s been about 18 days since my last Status Report but I’ve been extremely busy of late. In fact I had one already written out but apparently I forgot to physically post it.

I must be getting old, my anniversary as a Book Reviewer took place on the 24th, and not the day I mentioned in my previous Status Report. That day was actually a DOUBLE ANNIVERSARY. It had been my first anniversary as a Book Reviewer on The Romance Review website, and my second anniversary as a Book Reviewer on Amazon/GoodReads/LibraryThing as well as for my 2 blog sites. As I’m writing this report I’ve read/reviewed 391 books, but for some reason Amazon hasn’t updated its Reviewer Ranking in about 6 weeks.

Since my last post I’ve read/reviewed 16 books many of which I haven’t posted here since I don’t want to turn this blog into one which only does book reviews. So if anyone is interested in being interview for this blog or in doing a guest post please let me know via a DM/PM on Twitter or FaceBook.

I’ve found a writing contest which I’ve entered 3 days ago and of my three WIPs I’ve decided to enter the erotic novella I’ve recently begun to write. The entry requires only a submission of the first three pages; which means I’m now changing my writing efforts towards completing this endeavor just in case I should happen to win the contest [winners are announced in January] and if the final judge wants to see a completed manuscript I want it to be ready. OH BOY !!! will I become an EXTREMELY HAPPY CAMPER if this should happen. The stats for my Erotic/Shift-Changer/GLBT endeavor so far stands at 25 pages and about 6,000 words, with 4 chapters completed.