Between my last Status Report and this past Thursday, a period of seven days, I had been concentrating on nothing else but the reading/reviewing of books. During this period of time I read/reviewed a total of 8 books, consisting of over 950 pages. I had been pushing hard so I could reach a milestone of having read/reviewed 400 books, but as luck would have it, my stamina petered out and I had to stop. So on Friday, I decided to nothing but rest, taking it easy, and watch streaming items on NetFlix on my PC. Yesterday morning I slept late, not getting out of bed until almost eleven; I did some household shopping at the supermarket. In the late afternoon I went back to writing my erotic novella, the one I’d submitted the beginning of to a writing contest I had entered from a chapter of the RWA [Romance Writers of America], a writer’s organization I’ve belong to for 13 years. During my writing session yesterday I wound up writing about an additional 2.5% of my projection goal for the entire book.

Today I’m still debating whether or not I should enter up about 5,250 words of my adult Contemporary romance novel, “His Darkest Secret,” to another writing contest sponsored by a different RWA contest; luckily neither contest requires a synopsis to be included in the entry.

For the rest of the day I plan to do some housekeeping with the help of my dear OH, who would otherwise be resting the entire day, followed by watching a DVD I got from NetFlix in a corner of computer screen as I move forwards on the writing of my erotic endeavor. And if I do decide to enter this second contest I’d need to concentrate on finishing writing both endeavors at the same time, which should prove to be interesting.

In additional, today I plan to post more than one Promotional/ Marketing Idea entry, to make up for not doing it for so long.

I would love to hear from you my dear followers, so leave a comment on my entries from time to time. THANKS !!!