The worst thing any guy could possible face is to begin to fall in love with an ex-girlfriend who once belonged to one of his best friends. The angry frustrations which can be hurled at this guy by his friend for attempting this can easily decimate the friendship they’ve shared for years.

This is the quandary which Sawyer has to face in regards to Savannah each time he sees her. Yet there’s a visible chemistry between these two each time they’re near each, a chemistry which their emotional feelings are basically being block because of the “public” environment they’re in.

But as usual when there’s a true love between two individuals is afoot, Kismet has a way of stepping in and creating the prefect opportunity where their relationship can explode to its fullest potential.

The opportunity for these two lovers to finally begin the relationship they deserve came in the guise of a hurricane, during which Savannah finds herself trapped in dilapidated, spooky house and Sawyer goes looking for her, in order to save Savannah from the predicament she’s found herself in. Will this encounter between these two lovers mark the beginning of the HEA both are seeking?

While this book’s intended audience falls under the NA [New Adult] category, I believe some Young Adults as well as those adults who are still young at heart will have Wendy Knight’s “Star Cross Hurricane” an enjoyable reading experience, which is why I’ve decided to give this book 5 STARS.