Who has never heard of Mark Twain’s story of The Prince and the Pauper, or hasn’t seen the 1937 movie starring Errol Flynn, twins Bill and Bobby Mauch with Claude Rains, or some other version of the film. The story deals with what happened when a pauper and the prince of England meet by chance, saw they looked exactly the same and decided to swamp places.

The author            , Linda Rae Sande, has taken the basic premise of the storyline, made the two male protagonists actual brothers, and the sons of a Marquess. While Will and Stephen Slater might be brothers, Stephen is the one who’s the bastard son.

Will is finally returning to London after eight years in the British Navy, along with his brother, who served on his ship. Will is eager to find the woman, Lady Barbara, who had pledged her love to him before he left to serve his country, but now has gone missing.

Unbeknownst to Will, Lady Barbara got thrown out of her father’s home seven for becoming an unwed mother to his son. Stephen has a wonderful time as a toast of the town because all the women think he’s Will. When Will decides to go searching for Barbara, who is now poverty stricken, he asks Stephen to pretend he’s Will.

Like any woman, Lady Barbara feels that since she’s not received any letters from her true love, that he’s now a lost cause and that she should forget about any possibility he will come to rescue her from the deplorable conditions she forced to live in. Just as you might feel if the guy you love, who’s serving in the armed forces and still alive, has suddenly stopped writing his weekly letters; you’ll probably feel he’s lost interest in you; as both of you will declare you’re no longer in love with him. But what will happen and how would you will if he returns as your knight in shining armor and rescues you from your plight?

At the same time, Stephen is in his glory with all the women believing he’s Will. But how will he explain his charade when he finds a woman he truly loves.

There’s two storylines in this book, one follows Will and other follows Stephen. But in both the same questions exists: Will love overcome the barriers which exist in both their lives? Will each of the brothers find the HEA they’re searching for with the women they love?

I’ve read the book, know the answers, but I’m not saying another word. For having given her readers about love possibly conquering all, I’m happy to give Ms. Sande and her book 5 STARS.

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