To begin with I finally did decide to enter the 2017 Emily Contest sponsored by the WHRWA [West Houston Romance Writers of America].

Before this month I only had entered a short story writing contest in which the Flash Fiction I’d submitted came in third place. Now this past month I’ve entered two major contests from two different chapters of the RWA; even if I’m only deemed to be a finalist, I will consider it to be a true acknowledgement of my ability to write something decent for the romance genre. If I do wind up as a finalist, and I hope it will, I might wind up with a contract from a traditional publisher; a dream every author hopes will happen to them.

With the beginning of my erotic novella having been submitted to one of these contests, I’m doing a push to have it completed before the end of the year when the finalists should be named. And as it stands now I’ve written a total of 11 chapters, with 59 pages and about 13,800 words. When I write a WIP, I format the manuscript so it looks like an actual book [6” x 9”]. And according to someone I know who reads erotic romances, my first 4 chapters were good, so I hope the judges will have the same opinion.

I’m pushing forwards with my career as a Book Reviewer with a total of 412 books having been reviewed on Amazon, but for some reason Amazon-US hasn’t updated its Amazon Reviewer Ranking in over nine weeks.

Does anyone here participate in the 2016 Reading Challenge on GoodReads? Well I am. As of today I’m just 17 books short of meeting the goal I’d set for myself at the beginning of this year of 200 books; and according to GoodReads I’m 34 books ahead of schedule in meeting my goal.