As you know life has a way of throwing a curve into its path and changing the path of your destiny, because most likely it has already happened to you in one form or another.

With the author’s skill of writing this novella you find yourself stepping into Lorileen Masters’ shoes and that you’re a teenager, a teenager who has basically everything she wants to have based on her family’s situation; but the only thing which prevents this from being an ideal situation is that you and your family have both been cursed by a malevolent witch, and it’s up to you to undo it.

You’re told the only way for this to happen is to confront the witch face to face and work out an amiable agreement for the curse to be lifted; not an easy task since there’s usually a formidable price which would be demanded to be paid.

Lorileen’s trek is quite daunting as she’s constantly being stalked by shadows, shadows which can only belong to the witch. But her white knight, Archer Cross, in the guise of a hunter, comes to rescue her and then protect her until she reaches the destination of her quest, with his surprising power over her shadows.

There’s a kismet which takes here between these two individuals, a kismet which neither one had ever expected the moment they first met. It is also where life might be throwing a curve into Lori’s life; for if she succeeds in undoing her curse, she’ll have no memory of the trek she has just endured, no memory of anything which has transpired since the curse had first been cast, which definitely includes her savior Archer.

Will Lori toss away the reason she made her trek just to be with Archer? Could the kismet which occurred when they first met survive the aftermath of the curse being lifted? I’m not telling.

This YA romance novella also contains the right amount of humor, magic and fantasy to engage its readers to continue reading, which is why I’ve given Ms. Brooke and this book 5 STARS.