I received an ARC [Advanced Reader’s Copy] of this book from the publisher and the following is my honest opinion.

The moment I’d received my ARC copy of this book I had been able to find a video for the “banned” documentary the government didn’t want anyone to see. The documentary did a marvelous job in presenting a visual of what the individuals involved in creating the tunnel and their successful escape to freedom. In the NBC documentary you got to see and understand the risks they had to face in not being caught and feel the highly fraught emotions they faced each day. The unfortunately given the time restraints the documentary had to deal with to show everything important regarding the dire undertakings these individuals took to gain their freedom from the suppressed living conditions in Berlin in 1962.

There was no time to dwell into all of the historical background related to the creation of the divided city of Berlin and the construction of the wall which isolated it from the rest of the world.

Mr. Greg Mitchell has gone an exquisite job in gathering the informational minutia related to the Berlin Wall and all the escape attempts especially as well as the planning for the specific escape this book deals with and the documentary which the government tried to suppress during the heighten Cold War period during the Kennedy’s presidency. The author describes all the players involved and the specific roles they played in being a hindrance to the escape attempt and more important helping it move towards its ultimate fruition.

With the all of the completed appendices and index which will be included in the completed book, this book about “The Tunnels” being dug in Berlin during the Cold War will make an awesome edition to any library, which is why I’ve given Mr. Mitchell 5 STARS for his endeavor here.

US:   https://www.amazon.com/review/RWCUKQKB5HLTZ

UK:   https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R1DHLBAH2KUEEQ

If anyone is interested in viewing the program this book refers to here’s the link: