Anyone who is a voracious reader of books, or one who is also a book reviewer like me, should jump at any opportunity in which a LIMITED collection of stories written by bestselling authors of the New York Times and USA Today for only 99 cents comes along, especially when the genre is romance. While many such collections revolve around a simplistic notion such as shapeshifters and the like, this one had been planned. The one thing which actually connects each of these five stories is a Christmas wish tree located in the local sporting goods store in Starlight Bend, Montana. Not only does each story revolve around a sexy hunk one can only dream about, each of them lives in Starlight Bend, Montana. When you add in the holiday season and making a Christmas wish come true for a child how can you go wrong?

And as with every Christmas season, a certain magic abounds around us and wishes of finding someone to love can finally be fulfilled, especially if you believe it can happen. There’s a certain warm endearing quality about the guy in each of these stories, a quality which might make you fall in love with and fantasize about being in the shoes of the woman who winds up stealing his hearts. There’s a wonderful range of romantic themes in these stories from a second chance romance by Calistic Fox in “His Angel” to a sweet beauty is in the eyes of the holder story in “The Grinch of Starlight Bend” by Jennifer Probst, a story which is similar to the romance story most if not all of us have read as a child, that of “Beauty and the Beast.” But who knew then that what we had read had been, along with “Cinderella,” had been our first exposures to romance, which is why we probably love this genre today.

For a having us 5 stories which will begin to warm the cockles of our hearts in time for the holiday season, I’ve giving this LIMITED Edition collection 5 STARS.