It’s the Christmas Holiday time again, a wonderful time to have wishes to come true, especially if they’re of a romantic nature: a time to finally have that HEA you’ve been hoping for such a long time become a reality.

This wondrous collection of romance novellas written by seven of the nation’s bestselling romance authors on USA Today and the New York Times allows you to read another story written by an author you love to read; as well as discovering new ones you might wind up wanting to read more from. And for a price of 99 cents how can you go wrong.

This collection also allows you to experience a romance genre you might have never read before, such as a Military Romance. I also love having read a variety of writing styles from an endearing lovable one to one which is sizzling hot, with characters ranging from mere acquaintances to those who are in loving relationship with each other; all of whom have a Christmas desire regarding romance which they’d love to come true. It didn’t hurt having a Scrooge or a fairytale type godmother thrown into the mix, or even a sexy military hunk becoming the whipped cream of a hot cocoa to warm your heart and soul on a wintry day.

For having given their readers a romantic Christmassy collection of novellas I’m glad to these authors 5 STARS for their efforts here.