I received a print copy of this book from the author through an internet giveaway she had been involved with and the following is my honest opinion.

Image if you will you’re a seemingly hot sensuous blond-haired woman, by the name of Clair Daniels, who when she desires something would do anything she needs to do to get it: and one day you receive the following email:

To: ClairDaniels@BrighterDaysChildrensFund.org

From: Aleksy.D@DmitrievHoldings.com

Subject: Contractual Offer

You will find $100 000 in your charity’s account today, provided I find you in my bed tonight.


Of course, you’d bend over backwards to get it. But one of the problems is that the guy who sent it to you is, Aleksy Dmitriev, a disreputable billionaire, whose only real interest in you is to seek revenge on the man who had destroyed his family years ago; and it doesn’t matter that your former boss is now dead. In his depraved mind obtaining the acquisition of the woman, who had been his business rival’s mistress, would still mean having acquired one of that man’s treasured possessions.

However there’s a fly in the ointment in Aleksy’s plan; to begin with, you’ve never been your boss’s lover but more importantly, you’re a virgin. Upon learning this he allows you to become his non-mistress lover, giving you all the perks which go along with it: apartment, credit cards, choice of wonderful jobs another woman would die to have. You decide to play along until you can get what he had promised you.

But as time goes along you’re unintentionally growing on him, there’s one misunderstanding after another, until the day you decide to finally leave him; after all, you’ve gotten the money he’s promised you at the start of your relationship with him. Yet, at the same time he has grown on you and not wanting to have another major rejection in your life, after not getting adopted at the orphanage you grew up in, you return there to give them the money you’ve received and to help out anyway necessary.

But what happens when he discovers where you’ve disappeared to, that you’re not a gold-digger as he had envisioned, and there’s actually a charity you’re doing things for. Will he seek you out? Will there be a HEA for the both of you? But more important, will there be another misunderstanding along the way before this will actually happen?

For having given her readers a romance story fraught with misunderstandings, I’m giving Ms. Collins 5 STARS.

US: https://www.amazon.com/review/R30VV4MODGTI3I

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/REW1MRUMYH4O7