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What happens when a romance author who’s noted for writing stories set in the city of love itself, Paris; all of a sudden finds herself a character in a real life situation where her own loss of a marriage has taken place. Naturally she’s as overwhelmed as any of her character could ever be when they wind up losing their HEA, and even more so.


We’ve all read stories which have been fraught with forbidden love, only to find there’s been quite a bit of infidelity lurking somewhere in the background which ultimately has led to demise of a what had been a wonderful relationship culminating in divorce. And we know the only thing the female protagonist can do is to hopefully find a new HEA to be part of her life once again.

Ms. Sobanet wastes no time in communicating this broad range of undeniable raw emotions as she exposes the truth regarding her own life, making sure her readers get the impassioned journey she has experienced in her life, a roller coaster journey consisting of love, loss and ultimately a return to hope for a HEA.

But instead of having written this memoir using the typical prose format, the author has skillfully written a chronological progression of this traumatic period in her life through poetry. If done right, and the author has succeeded in doing just that; poetry can paint a vivid and emotional laden portrayal of an experience, in which the reader to left to do their own imagining of what has taken.

For having given her readers a unique reading experience about this devastating period of her life, how can I not give Ms. Sonabet’s endeavor here the 5 STARS in deserves.





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This is a useful idea, but only if you’re fortunate to have the necessary funds to do advertisements on the internet. One place to go is FaceBook. Although they might be somewhat overpriced, they can be wonderfully aimed towards a specific age group or gender, they can be geographically target [like the main location for your book. such as the South], they can be targeted for individuals who share a particular interest such as liking to read Paranormal romances, etc.




This week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site is “FLOOD” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:  

[ ]


Ark built by Noah.

Animals came by the twos

Except unicorns


Emotions ran high

Everyone made flood of tears

Not a dry eye seen


A big storm quickly

Dams couldn’t hold rain water

Flooded land below


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Quite a while back I was posting five sentence flash fiction stories which had been written in response to a prompt word on a now defunct website. I missed writing those stories as they’ve always helped me get through any episode of writer’s block I might have been suffering from. So here’s the first of what I hope to become a regular feature of my blog. As you can tell from this blog entry’s title today’s word is ENVY


Edna is really a sweet person once you get to know her, but unfortunately is not the type of person you really want to be friends with.

Now don’t get me wrong, she’s a great individual who she does have one trait which can turn her deadly.

Vying to have anything her little heart desires as long as she doesn’t know you have it, everything’s okay.

Yet, the moment she finds out you do, you need to watch out.

You need to watch out because she turns into a green monster known as ENVY.



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There isn’t a woman who from time to time doesn’t want to return some spice to their relationship with their dear OH [other half] that they once had prior to and shortly after they’d said their I Dos.

But having a family and becoming more religious there’s a strong desire to keep everything clean and without even a glimmer of being perverted like it once might have been. Sex is in the minds of those participating in it and as the author uses her character, Phoebe to say, “I know God created sex for marriage. And not just for beautiful people, either. Sex is supposed to bind a man and wife; to give them an intimacy they share with no one else. Sex is supposed to be fulfilling. And fun! I think we’re supposed to want to have sex with our spouse.”

There needs to be a happy midpoint where one can go to fulfill our lustful desires, while being sexually anxious in terms of our actions in the eyes of our maker; remembering we’ve also got a standing to maintain to in the eyes of our children, and those in our community. But where are we to find such guidance. Phoebe finds her guidance in the form of a book we’ve all heard of “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Even though this book is a work of fiction, it’s interesting to read how Phoebe goes about using this book in the relationship she shares with her husband George.

But given the author’s background as a pastor and working in the ministry for over thirty years, one has to wonder whether we can use the same ideas and techniques Phoebe had used on George, in our own real lives. We need to remember some of the best religious messages are sometimes best communicated through works of fiction, and a good example of this I believe would be Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”

For having given her readers a clean romance novel with much to dwell upon in our own lives, I’m giving the author, Rebecca Reilly and this book 5 STARS.




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I read this book via a KINDLE Unlimited download.

Merriam-Webster defines interlude as a usually short simple play or dramatic entertainment, and this is what Harmony Kent gives her readers here. Contained within these pages are ten erotic short stories each of which are sure to warm the cockles of your hearts on these cold wintry nights as well as days. And even if it’s not winter the same emotion can also be easily felt.

If you’ve read as many romance novels as I have and then have written a review for them during the past 2 ½ years then you’re realized there’s practically no genre of romance, aside those which are Young Adult, Inspirational, Christian and the like, which can’t be transformed into one can be looked at as being erotic.

Ms. Kent in the stories she’s written for this anthology, from the typical contemporary most romance readers love to read, to those of a more specific genre like historical or even sci-fi, to sure delight a wide audience of readers. And even though you might have never read something in a specific genre like historical, you might now want to read more of. Regardless of the specific genre for each of these stories, the characters are quite realistic as in real life, and the level of the sex is quite vivid with a variety of the level of heat involved.

These stories are a quick read which are easily while you have a quick breakfast and your favorite mug of Joe. These stories are not meant to be read once and placed away somewhere on your KINDLE, they’re meant to be read anytime time you’re in need to have an erotic fantasy on your mind instead of the mundane daily routine. It is for this reason, I’ve given Ms. Kent 5 STARS for her endeavor here.





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I won a mobi.file of this book from the author through a giveaway she had on and the following is my honest opinion.

Imagine if you’re Paige Kessel, a young nine-year girl who has two younger sisters, when all of a sudden your father ups and dies from MS.

Your whole life is torn upside down; you’re forced to leave all of the friends you’ve known years and everyone has to move with your mother to live with your grandmother to a small, out of the way town known as Basin Lake.

The hardest thing that you have facing you is starting to make friends at your new school. Remembering how it had been the first time you fret it will happen again. But luckily you meet two cute looking boys your age,

Evan Mattson and Garrett Hevener. They what it’s like being at a new school and vow you’ll feel like you’re back home again becoming and staying friends with them.

Jumping ahead until Paige’s senior year in high school, we find the three are still the best of friends, perhaps even more so, with their final school year coming to an end. The thing is that when she first arrived at school and had entered Evan’s life, he took an immediate liking to her which has continuing increased until now. While his young love to Paige has for all practical purposes been there; Garrett, now the high-school football star player, has mature and is now interested in her as well. This forces Evan to make a vital decision in his life, does he tell Paige about the secrets he’s hidden from her regarding his life in order to keep her in his; because if he does it might take the delicate relationship they now share and rip it asunder or possibly save if for a HEA.

It is now Paige who’s force to make the most decision so far in her young life. Does she go with the guy she loves a friend or the one she can’t live without? This is a tough decision even for a grown woman to make, let alone a young girl like Paige.

While the story is told from the POV of Paige and Evan, I would have love to have at least an occasional one from Garret, I still loved how deeply this coming of age has gone, even going as far as including a handful of bring sex scenes without the inclusion of any smut. It is for this reason, I’m happy to give Ms. Vercier 5 STARS for her endeavor here.




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Sorry for missing last week

This week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site is “LOOK” and here are my three Haiku endeavors  

[ ]


To be a model

The look you need to possess

And then you be rich


To buy a new home

You must find and have a look

Otherwise be sad


When you come to street

Look both ways before you cross

So car won’t hit you



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The countdown has begun for the most important day for romance in any woman’s life. Are you ready for it?

If you are or if you’re not what better way can there be other than fantasizing about being in the shoes of the female protagonists in each of these 18 steamy, hot marvelous short stories covering a wide variety of genres. These stories are wonderful being read when you’re finally alone after having getting the kids off to school and your dear other half off to work. Just imagine yourself grabbing a mug of your favorite cup of Joe, and relax with your feet up in that comfortable recliner in the den or living room, listening to some romantic sweet music as you read one of these stories.

Anthologies are a wonderful way to enjoy a new story written by an author you’ve come to love, and new authors you haven’t discovered yet.

For having each of the authors helping us get ready for Valentine’s Day with their own unique style of writing how can I not give this collection 5 STARS.

Besides given the price of the KINDLE Edition [when it’s released on February 1, 2017] how can you go wrong. If you can’t wait the paperback edition is available now.

I had requested and have received an ARC mobi.file of this book and the above has been my honest opinion.




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I read this book via a KINDLE Unlimited download.

Like the author I’ve been through having open heart surgery myself, and wound up having the works: I had a quadruple bypass, value replacement and a maze to help control an irregular heart rate. But unlike the author I felt relatively fine with no visible sign of an inability to function without any problems.

Luckily I was saved by the paramedics, got taken to the hospital where I awoke ten days later with tubes connected to all three of my orifices, which I’m not going to mention individually as I know you can imagine where they were.

Of course I wasn’t allowed to get out of bed while I was in the CCU [Coronary/Cardiac Care Unit] for about ten days. I then got transferred to another hospital for my by-pass surgery. My entire time there, and even after my surgery, no one came to take me out of bed so I could stretch my legs and walk; so you can imagine what happen three days before I would be sent for REHAB, they got someone to take me out of my bed so I could finally work, my legs felt like they were a wet noodle for I couldn’t even stay on my own two feet.

After almost four weeks I finally got to go home and if it wasn’t for my dear OH staying by me I don’t know what I would have done. If there’s one person who can understand the experience what the author has gone through it would have to be me. This is a life changing experiencing which forces one to appreciate life itself, the good and the bad. So for having given her readers a poignant memoir I’m giving Ms. Miclea 5 STARS.



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